A Latino organization this Friday asked for an investigation into the recent death of a soldier of Mexican descent who denounced sexual harassment in the same Texan barrackss where another soldier was killed in 2020 following a similar claim. Ana Basaldua Ruiz, 20, was found dead on March 13 at Fort Hood military base. where he served, in the southern United States, the military organization itself said in a statement on Wednesday.

“We are concerned about what the family has reportedthat his daughter was the permanent object of sexual harassmentsaid Analuisa Tapia, a Texas representative from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), who arrived this Friday outside Fort Hood barracks, north of Austin, along with other members of her organization.

We demand an immediate, full and transparent investigation into these claims, to be conducted by an outside authority.he added.

Ana’s mother, Alejandra Ruiz, told the Telemundo network her daughter had told her that “a sergeant was bothering her”, and that it was under permanent siege. She later commented that she had been officially told that her daughter had “hanged herself”, but did not believe it. Ana Basaldua, a naturalized American, lived with her father in California, United States, before enlisting.

“Presumably they considered it suicide, nothing more, and that the investigations would begin, ”said Baldo Basaldua, the father, to the same channel. The head office reports this in a new statement on Thursday there is no evidence of “malicious intent” in Ana’s deathbut the investigations continue.

“Information related to potential harassment will be fully addressed and investigated,” the document added. The events took place in the same barracks where, in 2020, 20-year-old soldier of Mexican parents Vanessa Guillen was killed after she complained of being the victim of sexual harassment.

After his disappearance in April 2020, his dismembered body was found near the base more than two months later.

After the events, a dozen officers were fired. There were demonstrations calling for justice amid complaints of impunity for sex crimes at the barracks. Following these events, President Joe Biden signed in January 2022 an executive order to reform military justice and make sexual assault in the military a crime, not an administrative sanction.