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Tech Mind Contest.  The winner was an algorithm that makes it easier for visually impaired children to learn

Tech Mind Contest. The winner was an algorithm that makes it easier for visually impaired children to learn

Students of the Secondary School of M. Kopernika in I³¿y created a project that assumes the creation of a device and an algorithm to facilitate learning for visually impaired children. The “Visible” project ensured them the victory in the latest edition of the Tech Minds competition.

The second edition of the competition started on October 24. Participants competed for three grants of PLN 25,000 each. PLN for the implementation of their projects. There will also be 10 prizes of 5,000 each for the finalists. PLN and material prizes. Projects could be submitted until December 9, 2022. The theme of the competition was the responsible use of technology to support education. 150 teams from primary schools, secondary schools and universities applied for the competition.

Tech Mind Contest. The winning projects have been announced. “Visible” won

The first place went to the project “Visible”, prepared by students of the Secondary School. M. Copernicus in Iłża (Mazowieckie Voivodeship). The project assumes the creation of a device and an algorithm to facilitate learning for visually impaired children. With its help, they will be able to hear the content of e.g. school textbooks.

The aim of the Visible project is to create a device that helps blind children in everyday activities related to education. We are glad that we could take part in the Tech Minds project, because during it we gained a lot of knowledge about the business approach to the problem we pose. It is worth emphasizing that thanks to mentoring sessions we can gain valuable experience from leaders of many industries, which would not be possible without participation in such competitions

– said Maksymilian Paczyński, leader of the team, which also includes Piotr Chudzi (mathematical head) and Maksymilian Paczyński (programmer/researcher).

The second place went to the project “WE ZONE”, prepared by students of the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. The idea is to create a platform centered around the idea of ​​a time bank for students who want to share their knowledge for virtual points and exchange them for tutoring with other people.

The Tech Minds competition gave us space to use our potential and create a solution that will have a real impact on the life of the student community. Winning our WE ZONE project is not the end of the adventure in the competition, but a beautiful beginning of a great initiative

– explained team members: Zuza Dylewska, Julia Wielińska, Amelia Hejduk and Krzysztof Kryczka.

The third place in the competition was won by the “EduGuides.UA” project of the Primary School No. 350. Home Army in Warsaw. The idea is for students to prepare a digital guide for people from Ukraine who will have contact with public education in Poland for the first time.

Participation in the competition was educational and we are glad that we took part in it. Being in the top ten and then in the top three projects is a great honor and success for us as a primary school

– provided team members: Barbara Łobacz-Gryz (leader), Anna Warzocha, Ngoc Bao Tran Thanh, Kira Panarina, Oliwia Patoka and Weronika Bąbała.

Among the ideas that made it to the top ten, there were also the following projects: “IT-NaturTeam” (a board game that is supposed to enrich the science of biodiversity with an element of game based learning, and in the design process to familiarize students with the 3D printing process), ” Education innovators from Janikowo” (recording studio in which students will create educational videos on mathematics and share them via social media platforms) and “Better Together” (e-lessons of foreign languages ​​using 3D holograms that facilitate memorization through experience and fun).

Other projects include: “Projektika” (an application facilitating assembling a project team, assigning roles and division of work), “Maja” (Virtual Polish Ambassador, who will educate on geography and culture), “VR EduTech Innovators” (a project for safe learning to use modern and expensive machines in the VR environment) and “UniSupport” (a mobile application for people studying at the University of Bialystok, which is to become part of the system for detecting, alerting and responding to the phenomenon of harassment).

Tech Mind Contest

The organizer of the Tech Minds program is the consulting company PwC Polska, co-organizer – CIONET, the partners of the competition are the Cyfrowy Dialog association, the Institute of the Polish Future im. Stanisław Lem, and the technological patronage was taken by: Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce and SAP.

Source: Gazeta

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