It’s not a joke, although it can lead to laughter. It is a really unusual story told by a young man in Colombia, who, when downloading his military notebook on the Internet, realized that instead of his picture, they had put a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Confusion? Wrong? … what happened to make the image of the Portuguese, world football star, end up in that document.

David Godoy, a Colombian, said in a video that he digitally processed his military notebook and was surprised when he downloaded it.

The one in the photo is Cristiano, he said on networks “and no one believed me.”

The young man pointed out that he had been trying to get hold of the notebook since 2016. According to El Espectador, Godoy reprocessed the document for the Army Recruitment Command last December.

“It was quite an ordeal. I did the process in December where they have a discount“It was a trial because the military district in Fusagasugá is terrible, there are no communication channels and all the attention is physical and that’s on the fringe, everything is face-to-face,” he told the press.


#storytime of the absurd situation when I downloaded my military notebook. Now I am Cristiano Ronaldo Siuuu.

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“During the process, one delivers some papers, supposedly they review them and they say they’re fine and then they call you to say it’s wrong they let you go over and over again there’s no further service mechanism I had three months to pay and I paid it digitally this week ”, added.

Last Tuesday, March 14, when Godoy downloaded the digital military notebook, he realized that his personal photo was not on it.

The first thing I saw was Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture, not my picture.

The army responds to a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo

According to RCN News, the army is responding with a statement that it was the user who uploaded Cristiano Ronaldo’s photos to the system.

The answer surprises users of social networks, who ask to be careful when processing information and documents.

In El Espectador, they expanded that the military reported that it was conducting a search of the database of the young man’s username and password.

A procedure was recorded on February 5, 2016 in which several photos were uploaded, seven in total, which do not match those of the citizen

“This Command, informed of the news through the Military District, contacted the young man so that his situation could be resolved, since, in principle, via the assigned user, photos that did not comply should not have been attached previously indicated in the process of issuing the military card,” the document reads.

They later stated: “Internally, there will be a review of the procedures carried out in the processing of the military card (…).

They said it will be judged whether there was any kind of omission in the process or checks by an official in issuing the Godoy digital military card.

“I haven’t uploaded any photos”

The young man assures that he never uploaded that photo. “In addition, I gave them a CD with my photos and when they do the liquidation, they see all the information.”

“The military district major has already contacted me, only thanks to pressure from the networks, because he had not answered my messages before. He’s going to change my picture, but he assures me it’s my fault.”

Godoy stressed to W Radio: “I don’t know anything about football (…) whoever put it on, did it with the intention of mocking.”