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USA. Google will delete the location data of users visiting abortion clinics

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Last month, the US overturned the Roe vs. Wade from 1973, guaranteeing the right to an abortion. This means that the decision on this issue will be taken by the authorities of individual states – some of them have already introduced or intend to introduce a total ban on abortion. The next ones introduce very restrictive laws, e.g. the possibility of terminating a pregnancy until the sixth week, although many women at that time do not even know that she is in.

USA. Google will delete the location data

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As he writes, state law may authorize the police to even obtain an order to review the search history, geolocation and other Internet traces that may confirm the pregnancy by a woman, among others apps that track menstrual cycles. Each such trace can be used by the police as evidence of an abortion. The largest Internet search engine should prevent this from happening.

“that Google changes its privacy policy. The search engine will remove and hide information confirming visiting: fertility clinics, shelters for victims of domestic violence or addiction treatment centers. The data will be deleted by the system as soon as a visit to such a place is identified. The location data will be deleted by the holding company. created by Google – Alphabet.

American logs tried to find out how the company would identify such visits, and whether all related data would be wiped from its servers. However, a Google spokesman did not answer these questions.

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USA. The police may punish abortion on the basis of internet data

Jen Fitzpatrick, Google’s senior vice president, announced last week that the company “remains committed to protecting users from inappropriate requests.” Fitzpatrick said the company “will continue to oppose requests that are too broad or otherwise proprietary,” the New York Times quoted.

Google’s vice president reminded users that they can remove abortion information from their search history themselves. In the coming weeks, the “Location History” feature will also be automatically turned off on Google accounts that will log in near abortion clinics.

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Source: Gazeta

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