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The return of the iconic headphone model. Are the Sony WH-1000XM5 better than their predecessors? [TOPtech]

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Over the last few years, Sony has stuck to the proven design of its headphones. This time we are dealing with a small revolution. The 1000XM5 model is characterized by a new one design. The attention is drawn primarily to the slimmer and more flexible headbandwhich allows for stepless adjustment of the length of the headphones, and thus precisely adjusting them to the shape of our skull.

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The manufacturer also emphasizes that it is new aerodynamic the design of the device protects us better against external factors such as wind, which in turn significantly improves the ANC function.

There is only one “but”. The new Sony headphones, unlike the WH-1000XM4 or M3 models, cannot be folded now, making them a bit less compact. I realize that some loyal XM users may not forgive the Japanese for this change.


One of the hallmarks of Sony’s flagship wireless headphones has almost always been excellent active noise reduction. It is no different with the WH-1000X Mark 5.

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While the predecessors were very good at muffling sounds about low frequency, the new headphones of the Japanese add to this almost perfect reduction of treble. It is undoubtedly influenced by the use of as many as 8 microphones and an additional QN1 processor.


The previous headphone models from the WH-1000X series were characterized by a lot warm and detailed sound and wide stage. However, I was not entirely satisfied with the fact that the Japanese heavily tweaked the default bass settings.

The tested headphones, however, break with this tradition. The bass is now economical and balanced, which gives us overall neutral sound. Of course, fans of stronger hits can use the equalizer if they only want the lower register to be more juicy.

In my humble opinion, the WH-1000X5 is not only one of the better-sounding wireless headphones on the market, but one of the better-sounding headphones in general. Of course, we are talking about a specific price range oscillating around 2,000. zloty.

It is not surprising then that this device has obtained the prestigious Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Wireless certificates. The tested headphones did not run out of codec support LDACwhich improves the quality of audio transmission via Bluetooth. If, on the other hand, our smartphone does not support the LDAC function, then the sound optimization technology comes to our aid DSEE Extreme


The headphones are complemented by the Headphones Connect app, which offers a number of useful functions. From its level, we can, among others change the equalizer settings or analyze the shape of our ears using the 360 ​​function Reality Audio Setup.

It’s not everything. The application also allows us to activate Speak To Chat function. All you have to do is say something while using the device, and the headphones will automatically lower the volume of the music and activate the Ambient Sound function, which raises the sounds of the environment.


The new Sony headphones have a built-in rechargeable battery that allows the device to work for up to 30 hours on a single charge and with the ANC function on. And this is not the manufacturer’s marketing slogan at all. Seriously, these headphones are really hard to discharge.

However, if this art is successful for you, the USB-C Power Delivery function comes to the rescue, thanks to which every three minutes of charging the headphones will translate into up to three hours of music playback.

Source: Gazeta

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