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WhatsApp prepares a novelty in its audio messages

Since the WhatsApp audio messages came into our lives, everything has changed. There are people who no longer bother to type, it is much more comfortable for them to let their voice spread and have their interlocutor listen to them when they want.

What is a good idea at first, is still torture if the message is too long. One of the unwritten rules of WhatsApp is that an audio should never exceed a minute in length, and that your shipment is not always made on a recurring basis. Better to make a call than to be sending voice messages all the time.

The developers of the application has released only for Android and still in beta the possibility of listen to an audio message from WhatsApp before sending it.

A year full of purposes on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp audio messages They are gaining more and more strength, and aware of this, the developers are working on that possibility. It would be an important change, since in many cases the audio is bad or has too much background noise. In this case, you have no choice but to delete the shipment and save it again. All this if the person who receives it has not already heard it. Therefore, this new function, of which its implementation at a global level is still unknown, it would allow you to gain comfort, always sending messages that are heard correctly.

And it is that WhatsApp is working very hard not to be left behind. Despite being the most downloaded app ever and having 2 billion active users, many people have abandoned it due to its strict policies and because it is owned by Facebook, which has not always been characterized by a very strict management of personal data.

Therefore, new functions are being tested. One of them would be the possibility of making payments between the users of the application, in the Bizum style, and which has already been successfully tested on users in India. It is also being finalized that you can use WhatsApp from a tablet and without using third-party applications. It is noticeable that both Telegram and Signal are pressing hard, and in WhatsApp they do not want to lose an iota of ground.

So, when WhatsApp implements this function for all its users, you will not have to worry about how your audio has turned out. You can change your mind before sending it definitively.

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