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Top 4 most amazing apps

Do you know how many mobile apps there are? Yes, millions among which you can find on Google Play, for Android, or in the Apple app store. Normally a relevant application is usually found in both stores, but today we do not want to talk about totally essential applications. We go one step further and discover which are the most surprising, which you must install or test for some reason or another.

The 4 most interesting apps to install today


Don’t worry if you have no idea about creating music. This application, which you can download for free, although to unlock all its options you have to pay, it is a real wonder. First of all, because by combining all the characters that come out, he makes musical creations that always look good. And when we say always is always. On the other hand, its price is not unreasonable and you can use it on both Android and iOS. Ideal for a bored afternoon or to wake up your DJ feeling. Download it here.


This application allows you to discover the destinations of all the planes that are currently flying over the world. The application can be used with limited functions if you do not want to pay, for the vast majority of users it will be more than enough. It has a huge advantage, thanks to augmented reality you can focus with the camera of your phone to a plane that is flying over you and discover where you are going, what is your altitude or the estimated time of arrival. In addition, it has interesting additions, such as information on airports, airlines and an extensive photographic gallery of airplanes. You can take a look at this link.


It doesn’t hurt that you download this application. He is a photo editor with very interesting notions, but what really makes him attractive is the possibility of making collages. In a very intuitive and easy way, it prepares them in a matter of seconds, being able to save them on your phone or share them directly. Best of all, it is free and available for both Android and iOS.


An application that combines both photography, geography and astronomy. It is ideal for both amateur and professional photographers. Use geolocation services to tell you what is the best time and day to take a picture. For example, you want to capture the moon rising behind the tower of the Atalaya de Villena castle, in Alicante. The application will tell you what the day is and what time and where you have to stand to take the perfect photo. It costs close to € 10, but it’s worth it. You can download it from its own website.

These apps are just a sample of all the surprising ones that populate the app stores. Now we would love if you would leave us a comment indicating which are those that, in your opinion, are the most impressive. Very interesting ideas are sure to come out and all readers can start using them.

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