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Microsoft tames its artificial intelligence. Face recognition and voice generation only with permission

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Regulations concerning are still few. The European Union continues to work on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act. The first version was released a year ago,

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However, many companies are actively developing AI-based technologies. This, in turn, requires them to create rules of conduct when creating algorithms.

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence will be used less frequently and only in justified cases

informed that while creating a new framework for responsible AI programming, he obtained knowledge from scientists and specialists outside the company who deal with the topic. Therefore, it was decided to take quite serious steps – the company informs that it will apply appropriate solutions, considering the balance of profits and losses that can be caused by the use of such a powerful technology.


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First of all, Microsoft will limit the use of the Azure Face tool. It was used by, among others for user verification. Now access to the tool will be limited. To use it, you will need the company’s consent, issued on the basis of an application, in which you must prove that the use will be in accordance with Microsoft’s ethical standards for the use of AI.

What’s more, the American company is also to abandon the Azure Face elements, which are responsible for recognizing emotions and characteristics such as gender or age. After several studies and consultations, Microsoft came to the conclusion that it is strongly influenced by contextual and cultural factors, and scientists do not even agree on the definition of emotions. Still, this technology will be used, for example, in the Seeing AI tool, which is to be used to describe the world in words for people who have vision problems.

Including for this reason, access to speech recognition tools will be limited. A 2020 study showed that in the case of black people and people of African descent, errors occurred twice as often as in the case of whites. This made Microsoft understand that it needed to step up efforts and change the way databases were created to include all social groups. The company also wants to work out a method of obtaining data that will respect and involve representatives of non-white groups in this process.

In addition, the use of Custom Neural Voice, which is used to convert text to speech, will be limited. The tool also allows you to generate artificial speech that sounds like any voice you choose. AT&T used this technology to create Bugs Bunny’s voice for an interactive game. In this case, Microsoft wants to prevent the fraud that can be done using this.

Artificial intelligence has gained awareness?

SI algorithms have great possibilities. However, we are still far from the General Artificial Intelligence, that is, one that has gained consciousness. However, it is also worth mentioning here that

An employee was asked to ask the chatbot about his feelings, and the chatbot stated that he was sometimes sad or happy. The supposition that this is a sign of self-awareness is denied by other employees of the company. in connection with this situation he suspended Lemoin.

Source: Gazeta

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