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DVB-T2 / HEVC – On June 27, the final stage of the transition to the new TV standard. In which regions? [LISTA]

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On Monday, June 27, the fourth final stage of DVB-T2 / HEVC implementation in Poland will begin. The change will apply to the following voivodeships: Lubelskie, Mazowieckie, Podlaskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. Thus, the entire territory of the country will be covered by the new digital terrestrial broadcasting standard.

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You can read more information from Poland on the home page

Terrestrial television in a new standard. How to check if the TV is receiving DVB-T2?

Most of the new TVs support it. In the case of older receivers, in order to be able to use the new standard, it will be necessary to either replace the TV set or purchase it. If you want to make sure your equipment is capable of DVB-T2 reception, you can do so in two ways:

  • enter your TV model in the search engine on the site;
  • use the Checking TV channel, available on channel 28.

We remind you – the government offers subsidies for the replacement of equipment for DVB-T2: PLN 100 for a set-top box and PLN 250 for a new TV set. More details in the article below:

How to configure on a DVB-T2 set-top box? [INSTRUKCJA]

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First, the decoder must be connected to the power supply, then connect the decoder to the TV with the HDMI cable. Once we have done these steps, we move on to connecting the cable from the DVB-T / T2 antenna to the RF IN input on the decoder. Then we connect the decoder to the socket. Then you need to turn on the set-top box and use the TV remote control to switch the signal source to the appropriate HDMI or SCART connector. Then, the decoder menu should appear on the screen – then you need to set, among others country, language and time, then go to automatic channel search.

How to set up on the TV?

First, connect the antenna cable to the TV, then turn it on. “If the TV is turned on for the first time, the default settings will appear automatically. Follow the steps displayed on the screen to configure the TV” – we read in the ministry’s manual.

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Source: Gazeta

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