The free or cheap rental available to the Catholic Supreme Command at the Holy See Pope Francisco. For example, a document published in the media of the Vatican City states that the pope made the decision after a meeting on February 13, 2023 with Spaniard Maximino Caballero Ledo, current prefect of the Secretariat of Economy.

According to the publication, the pope “ordered the abolition of free and cheap accommodation for cardinals, department heads, presidents, secretaries, undersecretaries, executives, auditors, and the like, of the Court of Broken Rome, of the buildings owned by the curial institutions and by the bodies referring to the Holy See”.

Vatican CITY

“The own bodies (of real estate) The same applicable prices must be used for the previous subjects those who hold no office in the Holy See or in the Vatican City state”, the document adds.

Pope Francis also allegedly asked for the corresponding fee to be charged for residence in “Dom Santa Marta”, the residence in the Vatican. The publication states that the measure will take effect as the current contracts of senior religious officials expire.

The Casa de Santa Marta has four floors and a total of 129 rooms. / Photo: Infovaticana.

The arrangement, known as the “Rescriptum,” has not yet been confirmed by Vatican authorities, but it would be a way for the pope to ask that “everyone make an extraordinary sacrifice for allocate more resources to the mission of the Holy See,” which has faced a shortfall in recent years, exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.