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How do I find the cheapest flight? A simple google feature will save you on commission

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The holiday period begins, which means a heavily sought-after cheap way to travel. There are several tools on the market that allow you to find the cheapest flight connections. One of them is Flights, which has several advantages over other services.


Google Flights. How to use? What are the benefits?

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Google Flights is a tool that is part of the Travel service. Just enter the name of the city in Google, add the word “flights” and you will see a panel with air connections. You can also click on the “Flights” tab below the search box.

What do Google Flights offer? The company does not charge a commission for the service, as is the practice of other flight booking services. When selecting a flight, Google will show us booking options, including a link directly to the carrier. Below we will also find a comparison of the price to the average y-costs, presented in the form of charts.


Surely, a big advantage of Google over other platforms is instant search. It takes less than a second to load the proposals, they appear almost immediately after clicking the button. The website itself also works very smoothly and at first glance you can see that the competition – which can be a bit clunky – is being left behind by Google. This is appreciated especially after contact with Google Flights. In addition, the whole thing is very clear and easy to use, there are a large number of filters that allow you to adjust the flight search to your preferences.

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The graph is also a useful tool. Thanks to it, we can see when the tickets will be the cheapest and choose this day for the purchase. It is also worth using the price monitor, which sends e-mails notifications about price changes. The huge amount of data that Google collects allows the company to forecast possible delays, which is useful at the later stage of the journey.

More information from the country and the world.

An interesting option is the information on the average mintage. Google compares the carbon footprint of the connection data, so you can choose a flight in this respect as well. By clicking on the information icon you will see the option “display low emission options”.

Google Flights also offers a convenient map search. You can also use the option of selecting several when searching. In connection with the pandemic, Google shows information about travel restrictions and directs you to the country’s website, so you can easily check the restrictions.

Disadvantages of Google Flights?

First of all, Google doesn’t check all flights. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use other search engines as well, which may ultimately offer cheaper flights. The second problem is the lack of customer support. Google is just a search engine that directs us to service providers. So if you have any problem please contact them directly.

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