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The fight against diabetes in Spain: one in three people who suffer from it are not diagnosed

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Cristina is 39 years old. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just four. Since then, she has lived with this disease, but it has not been easy for her to assimilate that it is forever. Thanks to the advances, their quality of life has improved.

Something similar happened to Merce. In his case, diabetes was diagnosed at the age of three, something that was a blow to his parents. “I lost a lot of weight, I was very thirsty, I urinated a lot, I was always tired… they kept me in hospital for three weeks, “he tells laSexta.

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They are among the near six million people who suffer from this disease in Spain. It occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body is not able to use it effectively. We are the second country with the highest prevalence of diabetes in Europe.

“The pandemic has had a negative influence on the control of diabetes, including the appearance of new cases since a percentage of the population has been more sedentary and has gained weight“, explains the endocrinologist Alberto Aliaga.

Recognizing the symptoms is key to being able to improve early diagnosis, because when it is not detected or not treated properly it can cause very serious complications, such as a heart attack, a cardiovascular accident O blindness.

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Glucose self-control, diet and exercise are the main allies to prevent disease. One in three people living with diabetes in Spain are not diagnosed.

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