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What is the Windows 10 Registry and what is it for?

There are some pop-ups that usually attack us when we surf the Internet. In these they usually recommend applications of various types, from some to speed up our computer to others so that we free up more RAM memory and others that tell us to clean the Windows 10 Registry. What we often do not know is what it is and what it really is for the Windows 10 registry. Join us to learn more about him.

What is the Windows 10 Registry?

The Windows 10 Registry is a data base which is located on the hard disk, in charge of saving the program settings and Windows itself, as well as various drivers and computer hardware.

Years ago, when the registry was not integrated into Windows, programs and the operating system saved settings in .ini files. As the registry entered the fray, all of this became unified, especially to improve intercommunication between the different parts of the hardware. A positive fact is that each computer user can have their own configuration in each program.

Windows 10 registry more in depth

Now to access all this, Microsoft chose to add a tree-shaped hierarchy to the registry, since it is much easier to display the tabs until we reach the point we want. Do not forget that useful search function introduced, with which we can access more easily and detect a problem, which is easier than if we had to go program by program.

If we want to access the registry, we must click on Start and write regedit. We must be careful, because if we enter and have doubts or do not understand well, the Windows installation can be corrupted and you will have to format and start with a clean installation.

Despite the existing simplicity of deconfiguring something, it is a tool that if we use it well you can customize practically all Windows functions, that when it fixes problems or releases updates, what it does is make small modifications to the registry.

Sometimes the Windows registry also leaves lines of “junk code” when uninstalling programs. There are registry cleaning programs, such as the famous CCleaner that usually eliminate most of the ones that remain after an uninstallation. The fact that they are eliminated does not make the computer run more fluid, but it can cause a virus to be lodged in the code, something that only an effective antivirus can correct.

We hope that now you are more clear about the usefulness of Windows 10 Registry, how much it appears in our teams and that not so much really knows its function.

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