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The new system to consult the polling place by WhatsApp that is used in an Argentine province

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IN Misiones, Argentina, citizens can use a chat bot to consult the provincial register.

On November 14, the legislative elections will be held in Argentina and in one of its provinces there will be a new option that allows you to consult the registry by WhatsApp.

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In Misiones, a province located in northeastern Argentina, it will be possible for citizens to use a chat bot (automated robot) to consult the provincial register, thanks to the service provided by the consulting firm Arapy, with headquarters in that region.

The novelty of this system is that the person who wants to consult his polling place and table, You only have to send a message (for example a ‘hello’) through WhatsApp, to a specific number. In the answer, the person will be asked for their identification number and then the voter will receive all the information required to vote.

What do the terms used in the technological field mean?

What is a chat bot about?

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An automated chat bot or robot is a digital tool that automates messages, Depending on how the conversations are implemented, they can almost perfectly simulate a human, avoiding the perception that it is a robot.

Bots can work through text conversations or voice messages. Currently they are implemented by different digital channels.

What is a chatbot?

According to the creators of this system, the advantage of this option is that it is done through WhatsApp, a messaging application with a large number of users around the world, so that citizens have a better understanding of its use.

In addition, citizens only need to have 3g signal on their mobile phones, which makes that more people can access this benefit without inconvenience.

Chatbots will dominate customer service by 2022

In Misiones, this system was already used in the elections of June 6. The reception of this system was positive and exceeded the expectations of the creators themselves. “We noticed that the number was distributed massively among WhatsApp groups due to the way the queries were entered,” said Julio Cardozo, executive director of Technological Development of the consultancy. “We did not expect results so fast in a few hours”, added. (I)

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