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How to delete a message on WhatsApp even if the time limit has passed

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Some devices have the ability to delete a message even if several hours have passed since it was sent.

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. The app has several tools, such as reducing the size of a video from the cell phone, knowing who has it scheduled in their contacts or even how to schedule messages on WhatsApp. There is even the possibility of deleting a sent message even if several hours have passed for any contact.

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Once a message is sent, WhatsApp imposes it within the first hour, it can be deleted. To achieve this trick, you do not need to download an additional application to perform this shortcut. To date, it only works with Android devices.

It should also be noted that you can only delete messages that include text, since this trick does not work with images, videos or stickers.

Guide to delete a message on WhatsApp

1. First of all, you must activate the airplane mode of the Android mobile so that the smartphone does not have internet and cannot activate the time automatically.

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2. Afterwards, you must force the execution of WhatsApp, since it is not enough to close the application.

3. You should go to the phone’s “Settings”, enter the “Applications” section and click on “Stop”.

4. Once you have carried out these steps, you must deactivate the option to obtain the time from the internet automatically and modify the time and date of the mobile phone in the ‘Settings’ manually. It is recommended to select a day or time before sending the message.

5. At this point it only remains to enter WhatsApp and delete the message, so that it is not present for anyone.

6. Subsequently, you must deactivate the airplane mode of the mobile phone and allow the device to automatically update the date and time. This way, no one else will be able to see the deleted content. (I)

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