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Google announces Bard, its conversational artificial intelligence system that seeks to compete with ChatGPT

Google announces Bard, its conversational artificial intelligence system that seeks to compete with ChatGPT

Starting today, a group of “trusted analysts” will have access to search giant Google’s artificial intelligence, although it will soon be available to everyone.

Bard is designed as an “experimental conversational AI service” that responds to user queries and participates in conversations.

CEO Sundar Pichai announced a soft launch to select “trusted testers” from whom he hopes to receive feedback before its public release in the coming weeks.

While Google hasn’t released any further details yet, the company shows that users can ask Bard questions, such as “how to explain the new discoveries from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to a 9-year-old” or “plan the baby shower.” of a friend”.

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The initial release of Bard uses the tech giant’s lightweight model version of LaMDA, which requires significantly less computing power, allowing us to scale to more users and allow for more feedback.

Pichai gave some very important clues. It will be connected to the Internet, a substantial advantage over the current ChatGPT and ChatGPT Plus, the paid version of the bot, which have restricted knowledge, specifically, sometime in 2021, Xataka explains.

On the blog, Pichai explains that soon, you’ll be able to see AI-powered features in Google Search that pull complex information and multiple perspectives into easy formats, so you can quickly understand the big picture and learn more from the web. These new AI features will start rolling out to Google Search soon.

Searches with Google

“Bard takes information from the Internet and uses it to offer current and high-quality answers,” says the head of Google. In addition, he explains, that it will serve to “quench curiosity or give free rein to creativity.” The idea is to ask questions in natural language and receive elaborate and complete answers quickly.

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Google’s conversational AI will be integrated into the search engine as a function that seeks to give value to information requests and attract those users who seek a direct explanation in depth and do not wish to navigate among hundreds of results. Now it’s time to wait to find out how the company will address the dangers of artificial intelligence.

“Whether it’s applying AI to radically transform our own products or making these powerful tools available to others, we will continue to be bold with innovation and responsible in our approach. And it’s just the beginning: more to come in all these areas in the weeks and months ahead,” Pichai said in his message.. (YO)

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