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How can you use artificial intelligence in your WhatsApp? It’s like you’re talking to another human being

In recent months there has been talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for WhatsApp. This computer breakthrough called Chabot, went viral all over the world and finally arrived to revolutionize the world as we know it.

Here we will briefly explain what it is about and how you can use it on your cell phone from your WhatsApp application. We will teach you step by step how to use it with simple instructions.

The ChatGPT is a chatbot or virtual assistant that can communicate with customers using artificial intelligence text messages that was developed by the OpenAi company, as reviewed by EnseƱame de Ciencia.

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This artificial intelligence has the ability to understand human language and offer highly advanced answers to complex questions, just as if it were a real person. You can also respond in long writing to what is asked and admit if you don’t know the answer.

Some of the users describe that it is as if they will talk to another person from their contacts, but with the difference that their answers are more detailed and can be useful for an infinite number of topics.

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How to use a chatbot with your WhatsApp on your cell phone?

The first step is to go to the God in a box website, do the simple registration and then follow these instructions:

In recent months, people have been talking about this computer advance that went viral all over the world. Photo: God in a box
  • Once inside the web page, click on the Get Started button
  • Then sign in with your Google account (similar to other pages or applications)
A ChatGPT is a chatbot or virtual assistant that can communicate with customers using text messages. Photo: God in a box
  • Subsequently, you must verify your phone number (the same one you have in WhatsApp), remember to add the initial code of your country and then the digits of your phone.
Photo: God in a box
  • When you finish the verification, send a message to the contact God In a Box (message indicated on the page, you have the facility to copy and paste to make it easier for you).
ChatGPT has the peculiarity of understanding human language and offering very advanced responses. Photo: God in a box
  • If you press the link that appears for the God in Box contact, the chat will open directly, without adding it (as it happens with the chat of companies with WA bussines).
  • To finish, just wait for the bot to send a response through the chat, in which it will share a link to configure your profile and you can start chatting with this AI. You can ask him whatever comes to mind.
He has the ability to respond in long writing to what is asked and also to recognize if he does not know the answer. Photo: God in a box


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