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The end of TikTok in the US?  Congress wants to permanently block access to the Chinese application

The end of TikTok in the US? Congress wants to permanently block access to the Chinese application

Access to the Chinese application may be blocked in the US market. The House Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives will vote in February 2023 on the adoption of legislation that would enable the introduction of such a ban. authorities are concerned that the app, which is used by more than 100 million people in the United States, could illegally use user data and threaten national security.

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Congress wants to ban access to the Chinese application

The author of the regulations enabling the application blocking (owned by ByteDance) is the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Republican Michael McCaul. In his opinion, TikTok violates safety standards. According to the congressman, the application allows unauthorized access to user data and allows the authorities to manipulate the content displayed to recipients. “We are concerned that TikTok is giving Chinese authorities illegal access to our phones,” Michael McCaul told the agency.

Slow end of TikTok in the US?

Already in 2020, access to TikTok tried to limit the then US President Donald Trump. These efforts were unsuccessful – the courts annulled his decisions in this regard. The Joe Biden administration in 2021 formally abandoned its attempts to block the app. However, in December 2022, it introduced on government devices.

TikTok was then deemed by the US House of Representatives to be “highly risky due to a large number of security issues”. The head of the House of Representatives administration office sent a message to all employees, informing them that the Chinese application must be removed from devices managed by the House, and its further downloading is prohibited. According to a similar initiative, at least 20 public universities across the country have come up with a similar initiative.

TikTok, as one of the largest of its kind in the world, denies the accusations and claims that the application ensures privacy for all users.

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