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Avoid all these habits that damage your cell phone battery

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There are practices that inadvertently damage or shorten the battery life of your mobile equipment.

There are certain actions that are committed against the cell phone battery and can cause its total damage or, in other cases, reduce its useful life. Many of these practices are done because “someone” recommended them or because “we listened to them”, but in reality the only thing that they are going to cause is the damage of this component or its irreversible loss.

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Most people don’t take care of their cell phone batteries. They think it’s just a matter of plugging in the phone and charging them and nothing else, but the matter is more serious.

Few know the amount of energy they can store (in Watt-hours or Wh), know the maximum current they can deliver (discharge) that are measured in Ampere-hours (Ah) and capacity (C) or the depth of discharge that can to hold. But it is never too late to change these bad habits, otherwise you will have to replace it with a new one with the possible problem of not finding one on the market and its high cost.

These are practices that not all people will be willing to follow, but it is for the good of your cell phone and your pocketbook.

Always load at 100%

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It is not a good habit to always charge the battery to 100% of its capacity because it will deteriorate sooner. This is understandable because each time it reaches the maximum a cycle is completed and the useful state of the battery can begin to be noticed sooner. It is better to always keep the battery with a range between 20% and 80-85%, by exceeding this last figure you will be forcing the battery, the same as if you do not lower it by 20% and do not charge the phone with that percentage.

That is not to say that you should never reach a full charge (100%), you can do it once in a while to get it calibrated, but avoid it as much as possible. Better make short charges of a few minutes to maintain a more or less stable battery percentage that does not exceed 80-85%.

How to prevent your cell phone battery from discharging quickly

If downloaded and not used

It’s another bad habit that reduces battery life. If it was completely discharged, do not wait long to charge it and turn on the equipment again. If you subject it to this, it is very possible that the battery will degrade or it could even happen that it does not charge more or does not turn on. If you are lucky, nothing will happen, but it is recommended that it does not become standard practice.

Use a falseta loader (not original)

It is one of the worst things. Whatever its price, if you use a non-original charger to charge your phone, you will be saying goodbye to this component faster. Always use the one that comes with the cell phone. If it was lost or stolen, buy a similar one from the same brand and verify that it is the original. These tend to cost more, but are best for your equipment, avoiding damaging the battery and keeping short circuits away. Always original is better.

Why it is not good to always charge the cell phone battery to 100%

Battery down to zero percent

Many believe that leaving the battery always at zero helps its performance. Ideally, don’t do it too often. This action will make the battery last much less. It may happen that you do not have a charger on hand, but if you can avoid this it is much better. Ideally, keep a minimum charge of 20% or more, so the battery will not suffer as much degradation and will have a longer useful life.

Battery without calibration

It is recommended to calibrate the battery very occasionally. Specialists say 1 time a month or less often. How is it achieved? It’s easy, you just have to charge it to 100% and use the entire battery until the equipment turns off; then leave the phone unused for 120 minutes (2 hours) and recharge it off. This does positively affect the battery.

Extreme weather

The telephone manual indicates that batteries are very sensitive to extreme changes in environmental conditions. Exaggerated or extreme temperatures directly affect the battery. Hence, it is suggested to avoid very hot and cold environments. Never leave your cell phone exposed to very low temperatures such as snow or ice or very hot, either on the beach or leave it inside the car if you live in cities where there are very high temperatures. If you do not take this into account, it will cause the battery to degrade and, in certain cases, destroy it completely because this component of the cell phone was not manufactured to withstand extreme changes in temperature. If it overheats from use, it is best to use it in the shade and not use the equipment until the temperature drops to normal.

How do you know if your cell phone battery is in good condition?

Use it while charging

Have you noticed that when a cell phone is charged it heats up? Well, the best thing is that during this process do not use it or at least do not open any games. No problem if you reply to a message on WhatsApp, make or receive a call. But if these cases arise, it is best to disconnect the equipment, use it and then continue charging. When you use several applications at the same time when you are charging it also increases the temperature of the one you already have. Hence, you should avoid this practice whenever possible. If you do it from time to time there is no problem, but specialists recommend that it is not something frequent.

Charge the phone with the protector or cover it

Another suggestion is that when you charge the cell phone, remove the cover (case) or protection you have. Almost everyone has their phone protected, but when charging it, remove this component so as not to generate unnecessary overheating because the equipment is subjected to poor ventilation. This applies to both wired and wireless charging. When the cell phone is charged, you just have to put the protector back on it.

The moment when you should charge your cell phone to conserve your battery

All night long

One of the best of the new cell phones is that they come with fast charging. So, if you are very sleepy, the worst idea is to charge the battery at that moment. It is recommended to avoid this. 10-20 minutes is enough to get a good battery percentage to use more time with the phone. Leaving the cell phone charging all night does not make sense. If you can’t help it, there are smart plugs on the market that allow you to set a timer that stops or cuts off the power supply. This way the battery will not be damaged so quickly.

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