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Donald Trump will return to Facebook and Instagram. Meta will lift the ban 2 years after the attack on the Capitol

Facebook and Instagram accounts are expected to be unblocked in a few weeks. Meta believes that the public should be able to listen to policies so that citizens can make informed choices. Meta hinted that it would unblock other banned accounts as well, but no specific names were mentioned.

At the same time, the company implemented new guidelines and safeguards to punish public figures more severely for repeated violations of Community Standards. Posts that do not comply with these rules will be removed and Trump, depending on the infraction, could face a ban of one month to two years.

Trump’s account was blocked two years ago and indefinitely. The reason was the posts he made during the 2021 attack on the Capitol. Among them was a video in which he spread lies about the rigging of the 2020 presidential election.

Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram? He did not return to Twitter, but elections are coming

However, it is not said that Trump will immediately return to Instagram. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, he unblocked the account of the former US president there. However, he did not take the opportunity and to this day he has not tweeted or even replied to anyone’s comment. His last activity dates from January 8, 2021.

However, Donald Trump has announced that he will run in the next presidential election in 2024. It is hard to imagine that in this case he will give up the possibility of publishing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where he has 87.7 million, 34 million and 23 million followers respectively. This is all the more difficult to believe, given the role they play in politics, which allows them to reach voters and raise funds for campaigns.

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For now, Donald Trump is using and promoting a copy of Facebook – However, a spokesman for the former US president’s campaign said that Facebook will be an important tool for them in the 2024 election.

This should never happen again to a sitting president or anyone else who doesn’t deserve revenge!

– Trump wrote on Truth Social, after the information that Meta will unblock his account. It was the first time a sitting president was banned.

Is it good that Trump will return to Facebook and Instagram?

Experts are divided on this issue, because Donald Trump, despite numerous verdicts of state courts in which it was found that the 2020 elections were not rigged, keeps repeating this lie.

Facebook has rules, but they don’t enforce them. I worry if Facebook understands what real damage Trump can do, making the company too slow

– Laura Murphy, who deals with civil rights and from 2018 to 2020, conducted an audit on Facebook. Other civic organizations, such as The Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP, and Free Press have doubts about Facebook’s ability to prevent further attacks on democratic processes.

Meta’s decision is defended by Jamel Jaffer, executive director of the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University. Jaffer early praised the company for suspending Trump’s account. However, he believes that it is in the interest of the public to hear statements directly from candidates for political office.

It’s better when key social media errs but stands for freedom of speech, even when it comes to aggressive or deceitful statements. Other users institutions can then take note of it

says Jaffer.

Source: Gazeta


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