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The most profitable smartphones for resale are listed

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SellCell: iPhone 13 drops 16% two months after launch

Apple smartphones have proven to be the most profitable when reselling. This follows from the report of the SellCell smartphone sales service.

The company’s specialists analyzed the cost of new devices that were sold with the help of the service and listed the most profitable devices for resale. It turned out that since the launch of the flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S22 has lost an average of 47 percent in price, and Google Pixel – 42 percent of the starting price. At the same time, the iPhone 13 fell in price by about 16 percent.

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So, if the base iPhone 13 was priced at $799, then two months after the release on the used device market, it could be bought for $124 cheaper. The launch iPhone 13 Pro dropped $164 over the same period, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max dropped $52. The anti-rating leader Samsung Galaxy S22+ depreciated by 57.5 percent in two months. Based on this information, the compilers of the top called the iPhone the most profitable phones for resale.

“As we already know, the iPhone is the champion when it comes to value retention, apparently avoiding the knockout blows that hit the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6,” the authors stressed.

At the end of November, representatives of the SellCell service said that the new iPhone 13 retained a record percentage of its value two months after entering the market. The devices fell in price by only 25.5 percent relative to the original price.

Source: Lenta

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