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Xbox 360 is going away.  Microsoft has just given him the final blow.  Changes to the Xbox Live Gold service

Xbox 360 is going away. Microsoft has just given him the final blow. Changes to the Xbox Live Gold service

Xbox Live Gold is a paid service where Xbox users receive a number of benefits, such as online gameplay, discounts (Deals with Gold) and access to free games. So far, as part of the subscription, we have received two selected games for the Xbox 360 console and two games for the Xbox One every month. However, that will change soon.

Starting in October, Microsoft will no longer expand the catalog of free games for its older console. This means that Xbox 360 owners will be deprived of the influx of fresh titles on their devices, and the only benefit of paying Xbox Live Gold will be access to the multiplayer mode for them. At this point, however, it is worth noting that in the case of many older Xbox 360 games, their creators have long since shut down the servers and do not offer online gameplay.

We’ve reached our Xbox 360 game catalog entry limit, however Games with Gold will continue to feature exciting Xbox One titles and exclusive savings each month.

– explains Microsoft.

It is of course no secret that the Redmond company has been around for quite some time time neglects the Xbox Live Gold service. In the long run, it can be expected to be completely extinguished. Currently, the apple of Microsoft’s eye is the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox 360 is going away

Microsoft’s decision to withdraw Xbox 360 games from the Xbox Live Gold subscription also has a symbolic dimension. In this way, the company seems to be sending a signal to users of this console that it may be time to switch to newer equipment – the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X / S.

To justify Microsoft, it is worth noting that the Americans have offered support for this device for a long time. Xbox 360 is over 17 years old, but it is still very popular among players – incl. due to the gigantic library of available games.

The console is also widely regarded as one of the best devices in the company’s history. It is estimated that Microsoft has sold over 84 million copies of the Xbox 360. For comparison, its successor, the Xbox One, can boast “only” 39 million devices sold.

The story of the X360 also has its dark sides, however. After the initial successes of the device, it turned out that a large part of the console models had a factory defect, which caused the device to stop working after a few months, and sometimes even weeks. The Red Ring of Death scandal (this is the name of the bug) forced Microsoft to replace all damaged devices with new ones. It was perhaps the largest exchange program in the history of the video game industry.

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