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Messi, ‘tell me how you feel’: the ’10’ achieves his first title with Argentina

Messi, ‘tell me how you feel’: the ’10’ achieves his first title with Argentina

Leo messi he got it. The footballer managed to win his first title with the Argentine team by beating Brazil 1-0 in the final of the America Cup. Say Maria did the goal that allowed the albiceleste to sign the ‘Maracanazo’ in which the ’10’ can boast of lifting the first trophy defending the shirt of his country, something that he had always been reproached with.

Throughout his international career Leo messi he has had to endure criticism from his compatriots. The ’10’, which has always been compared to Maradona, it was pounded in Argentina because he had never led his own to a America Cup or a world. Wearing them led them to various finals, but they always finished as runners-up. The only thing he had achieved with the albiceleste, the Gold in the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 and a U20 World Cup in 2005.

But everything has changed. Those who called cold chest a Leo messi They will no longer be able to do it, they have run out of arguments, because the ‘former Barcelona footballer’, wearing the captain’s armband, has already raised his first trophy with Argentina. It was thanks to a goal from Angel di Maria, who will go down in history for ending a drought of titles in his country, but since the final whistle sounded all eyes were on Leo Messi.

The ’10’ was seen excited to the maximum. His companions hugged him and held him. Scaloni hugged him so tightly that even the ribs of Leo messi they were in danger. Everyone, players and technical staff, sang songs in which Rosario was the positive protagonist … and Brazil in the negative, as is the mythical «BrazilTell me what it feels like… ». But what really took all the spotlight was seeing the Argentine forward raise his America Cup to heaven of Maracana.

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