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A decisive step by the Germans.  Finally!  “Putin’s friend” cannot be surprised

A decisive step by the Germans. Finally! “Putin’s friend” cannot be surprised

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has irretrievably changed the world we knew. The issue of European security has become a huge question mark, and the West is taking unprecedented steps to try to stop the aggression caused by. Severe sanctions are imposed on Russia, which also affect sports.

The first decisions regarding Russian athletes after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have already been taken. and UEFA suspended Russian clubs and national team, the FIVB deprived Russia of the right to host this year’s world volleyball championships, and the International Paralympic Committee did not let Russian paralympics go to the Beijing Olympics.

Schroeder isolated by the Germans. He is no longer an honorary member of the DFB

Retaliation by Western societies for the Russian invasion of Ukraine also affects European figures who work closely with Putin. One of them is Gerhard Schroeder, who is the head of the supervisory board of the oil company Rosneft. Despite many appeals, the former German chancellor has so far not decided to resign from his well-paid position and for this reason has already left his honorary membership in.

Now he made a similar decision. The German football authorities gave Schroeder an ultimatum that assumed his resignation from his post in Rosneft. Due to the fact that the politician decided not to take such a step, he was removed from the group of honorary members of the union.

– The attack on Ukraine, which violates international law, cannot be justified by anything. Even after his honorary membership is revoked, we still expect former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to use his influence and do the best he can for peace in Ukraine, a special statement from the DFB authorities reads.

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