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Neymar rebuts criticisms about life outside the country: “It’s impossible to be at your peak for so long without taking care of yourself”

Neymar’s life off the field returned to the subject. This time, it was the Brazilian national team and Paris Saint-Germain striker who spoke about the topic. In an interview with the channel Fui Clear, the player countered the criticism he receives for what he does outside the four lines, reinforced that the parties and clubs he attends do not influence his performance on the lawn and asked for respect.

“I speak of respect, because people say: ‘Oh, Neymar doesn’t take care of himself, Neymar is this, that.’ So how can you stay 12 years at the peak? Without taking care of yourself? It’s complicated, nobody can do that. they are based on many moments of my life. I went to a party, I met someone very famous, and they say: ‘Neymar is out, Neymar is a party, he makes a lot of parties’. No, I go out when I can, I go out when I can. I take my ‘business’ when I can, when I know I won’t have anything the next day. I’ll have my stuff, that’s obvious,” he said.

“I’m not going to stop doing anything, justI always said that. I gave an interview for the Brazilian team, before the Olympics (2016) and I said: ‘I’m not going to miss my party. If I have to go, I will.’ What’s the problem? You have to charge me for what I do on the field, where I allow me to speak. Now, my life belongs only to me. It’s impossible to be at your peak for that long without taking care of yourself. I have a physiotherapist and a fitness coach practically 24 hours a day why? For nothing? These are things that sometimes end up prodding a little,” he added.

The main name in Brazilian football today, Neymar turns 30 in February. In the final part of his career as an athlete, the ace commented on how he wants to be remembered when he hangs up his boots and said that he sees himself as more mature, but not perfect.

“I want them to say that I was one of the most authentic and true players who ever lived. I think these are things that I am very much, I don’t hide anything from anyone. That’s what I always try to be on the field. I’ll give my life for the Brazilian team , for PSG or whatever team I’m on. I don’t like to lose, that’s obvious. There are two types of people (off and on the field). On the field, sometimes I think I’m transformed, I want to win anyway. mistakes, obvious. I’ve already made more mistakes. If I could change some things, obviously I would take other attitudes. But maturity comes gradually. It doesn’t mean that at 30 I’m practically perfect, mature”, pointed out the player.

“I want to leave my legacy in this sense. Of course, sometimes I feel like saying: ‘You don’t know me well to be talking about me that way.’ But the one who suffers most from this is my family, my friends. But this is normal , the judgment always comes first. To kill the answer, let my story be made. I’m doing everything to make it bigger, longer. I want to be authentic, true, joyful, happy and daring on the field, a guy who does everything to win. I want to be remembered like that,” he added.

The number 10 shirt of the Brazilian team and PSG also spoke about the importance of being happy to perform on the field. Neymar’s recent statements about no longer having the “head” to play in a World Cup after 2022 have raised questions about the striker’s happiness.

“I always talk about being happy. I give a lot more when I’m happy, that’s pretty clear. I’ve been able to balance that for a long time. Even when I wasn’t happy, I was playing well. Of course it gets in the way. I feel happy when I’m happy. well with my teammates, when I’m fine at the club, in the city, at home, when my family is fine and my friends are close. That’s what makes me happy, makes me happy. It’s a positive point that helps me so much in life outside as well as on the field. And when I know I’m not very well I look for things that remind me of happiness, make me laugh, get together more with friends and my family so that I can return to yield and be happy on the field,” he said.

Finally, Neymar spoke about the relationship he has with his father, who is also his manager, and about the criticism he receives.

“It’s bad, you don’t want to see anyone in your family suffering, anyone you love. Even more for attacks that aren’t true. My father has always suffered from it, since I started. Everyone trusts whoever they want. Many players ended up suffering because of businessmen. The person I most trust in the world is my father. Since he was little he conducted this, why can’t he drive now? I don’t see any problem (of the father being a businessman). one of my best friends. The relationship we have is wonderful. I don’t know, I can’t explain why, why people stay p… because he’s my manager. Everyone chooses the manager they want (laughs) .I chose my father, let me,” he concluded.



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