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Russian Hulk dragged a 14-ton KamAZ firefighter with water

The record holder of Russia and the world in power extreme Sergei Agadzhanyan, nicknamed the Russian Hulk, dragged a 14-ton KamAZ fire engine filled with water. Thus, Aghajanyan set a new record, RIA Novosti reports.

The record was set on Saturday, October 23, in Noginsk, near Moscow, at the rescue center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Aghajanyan towed a 14-ton fire truck 19 meters in one and a half minutes. He set a Russian record for towing such a machine without the use of special devices, noted the head coach of the Russian national power extreme team Vasily Grishchenko.

“The difficulty was that there were almost six tons of water in the fire engine, which creates a certain inertia that prevents the athlete from moving forward without using a rope until the end of the distance. The water literally slows down the car, swaying while the car is being towed, ”said Grishchenko.

In addition, during the towing, the Russian Hulk inflated two medical heating pads before bursting.

In 2020, Aghajanyan dragged a 16-ton aircraft 35.4 meters and set national and world records.

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