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But money! Yaw Yeboah may leave Wisła Kraków. He is willing

But money!  Yaw Yeboah may leave Wisła Kraków.  He is willing

According to the Mexican media, it may change colors soon. This is what they hope for at the Atletico de San Luis at least. The authorities of this club are to be interested in buying this winger from Wisła Kraków. It has been said for some time that the White star in the winter transfer window would gladly agree to the transfer of her player.

Sensational amount for the Wisła Kraków football player

In the case of Yeboah, she could earn quite a lot. reports that the scouts of the Mexican club have already seen the 24-year-old in action and announced a huge price that they could pay for him. It is supposed to be up to 8 million dollars. This would be a sensational amount considering the conditions of the Polish Ekstraklasa.

The most spectacular goal scored by Yeboah in front of the Atletico de San Luis was particularly impressive. It was during the match against Górnik Łęczna. The winger’s goal was then shown by the media all over the world.

Wisła coach Adrian Gula recently said that although Yaw can play efficiently in several positions, he still lacks tactical discipline and regular returns to the defense. Probably that is why Wisła would gladly give a player to the club who would be interested in him.

Doubts about the usefulness of the 24-year-old footballer apparently also had the selector of the Ghana national football team, because the player who was brilliant in the Polish league did not find the 30-person team appointed for the training camp in Doha before 9 January.

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