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Shcherbakova stopped collaborating with Tutberidze

Shcherbakova stopped collaborating with Tutberidze

Figure skater Anna Shcherbakova stopped collaborating with Eteri Tutberidze

Olympic figure skating champion Anna Shcherbakova has stopped working with Honored Coach of Russia Eteri Tutberidze. TASS reports this with reference to a source.

It is clarified that the Russian woman has not trained in a specialist group for a long time. The figure skater underwent treatment and now participates in ice shows. “Anna can return at any time, the doors are always open for her,” the agency’s source noted.

In early May, Shcherbakova was removed from the Sports Around database as an active athlete. The figure skater, who has not officially announced her retirement from the sport, has been training in Tutberidze’s group since 2013.

Shcherbakova is the winner of the 2022 Games gold in the individual tournament. She also has one victory each in the individual and team championships at the World Championships, three victories at the Russian Championships and two silver medals at the European Championships.

Source: Lenta

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