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Lewandowski indicates staying at Barcelona and says he is not afraid of Mbappé at Real Madrid

Lewandowski indicates staying at Barcelona and says he is not afraid of Mbappé at Real Madrid

Goal scorer Lewandowski revealed that he is already thinking about next season for Barcelona. He commented on the rumors of a possible departure and what the team needs to do to guarantee the Spanish Championship title next season.

“There are a lot of rumors about a lot of things. My mind is just on starting and being ready with Barcelona next season, on taking a step forward in our game. That’s what I can say and what’s in my head,” he told the newspaper Spanish Brand.

“If you want to win La Liga, you have to know how to win the games in which you don’t play well. Real Madrid, this year, didn’t lose points even though they played poorly, and that’s the experience we have to learn for next season: beating the games even if we are on our best day”, he added.

French star Kylian Mbappé has already announced his departure from Paris Saint-Germain, and the European press is already taking the athlete to Real Madrid for granted. The player will join other world football stars, such as Vinicius Júnior, Bellingham, Rodrygo, among others.

Lewandowski said he is not afraid of Mbappé going to Real Madrid, and that Barcelona can be stronger as a collective team.

“It’s not official yet, but it seems like all roads lead him to Real Madrid. Fear? No. Of course he’s an incredible player and, if he goes to Real Madrid, it will be a very strong team. But our mentality has to be that, no matter how good players Real Madrid have, if we are a team and work together, we can beat them”, he said.

“We have to be prepared from the first game and in the first minutes because Real Madrid will certainly need time, they won’t play well at the beginning and they will lose points, and we have to take advantage of that”, he added.

Barcelona disappointed its fans and ended the 2023/2024 season without winning any titles. Lewandowski explained the reason for the Catalan club’s bad season, claiming that a lack of consistency was fundamental to what happened.

“We know we could and should have done better. But I have the feeling that we will start next season better, it’s another new chapter. We could have won a title this year, but at some stages of this season we have had ups and downs. And if you If you want to win titles, you always have to be at the same level, play the best football… We have potential, I’m sure that next season we will play better”, he explained.

Before starting next season with Barcelona, ​​Lewandowski will play for Poland in this year’s European Championship. The competition will start on June 14th.

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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