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Uruguayan federation condemns racist insults from Argentine coach

Uruguayan federation condemns racist insults from Argentine coach

The Uruguayan Football Federation (AUF) “emphatically” condemned, this Tuesday, the racist insults made by Argentine coach Ricardo Caruso Lombardi during a first division match in Montevideo, and said it will evaluate the sanctions.

“Fucking black man! I’m not leaving!”, shouted Caruso Lombardi at referee Javier Feres, who sent him off during the match in which his team, Miramar Misiones, lost 2-1 to Liverpool-URU on Monday, at Uruguayan Apertura tournament.

“The AUF emphatically condemns acts and expressions of a racist nature and stands in solidarity with the match referee” Javier Feres, said the president of the AUF, Ignacio Alonso, in statements given to the radio Sport 890. Alonso added that the AUF is open to judging Caruso Lombardi’s conduct “in the corresponding spheres.”

Fernando Ciarlo, member of the AUF disciplinary committee, highlighted that according to the current code a penalty of one to five suspension games would be applied.

“Next Monday we will meet formally to analyze this issue, as long as Feres’ complaint arrives”, he guaranteed.

Caruso Lombardi, who took over as coach of Miramar Misiones last month, apologized on Monday on social media X (old Twitter).

“I publicly apologize to him for using words that don’t correspond, in addition to irritation, I feel ashamed. Because my heart is racing a mile a minute, I shouldn’t act that way,” he said.

Among the criticisms of the coach’s attitude, the Afro-Uruguayan group Atabaque considered that “apologies are not relevant” in this case and demanded “exemplary criminal actions”.

“No more impunity!” the group said in a statement on Tuesday. “We ask that the competent football authorities and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the criminal sphere (…) act against the offender with the greatest possible severity.”

The Uruguayan Association of Football Referees (Audaf) also classified Caruso Lombardi’s behavior as “absolutely unacceptable” and called for measures to be taken against him “as severely as possible”.

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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