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Amorebieta adds a point that knows little (1-1)

Amorebieta adds a point that knows little (1-1)

Amorebieta adds a point that knows little (1-1)

Euskaraz irakurri: Garaipena deserves izan du Amorebietak, Albaceteren aurka (1-1)

SD Amorebieta and Albacete Balompié They tied 1-1 this Sunday in Lezama in an even match between both teamswith a time for each one, goals from Unai Bustinza in own goal and Iker Unzueta and a final result that leaves the visiting team happier than the local team.

This 1-1 draw allows Albacete to stay one point away from relegation, while the Amorebietastill in his third game in a row without losing, With five points on them, they are also still nine points away from salvation. The situation continues to be almost desperate for the blues, bottom and bottom of the table, with one less day left to play.

A chain of blue errors allowed Albacete to get ahead on the scoreboard. Shot from the front of Manu Fuster and in the attempt to clear Bustinza He deflected the ball towards his own goal with Campos surprised.

In the 44th minute, a chance for Amorebieta, but Morcillo’s shot hit the post.

He tie It came in the second half. Álvaro Núñez Center that Unzueta He headed magnificently into the net. 1-1 in the 66th minute of the game.

The blues had chances to score the second and take the much-needed victory, but the scoreboard did not move. In the end, a tie at one and distribution of points in Lezama.

Data sheet:

1 – Amorebieta: Pablo Campos; Álvaro Núñez, Bustinza, Etxeita, Félix Garreta, Seguín (Jauregi, m.46; Eraso, m.58); Erik Morán (Yriarte, m.85), Sibo; Dorrio (Edwards, m.90), Morcillo and Unzueta.

1 – Albacete: Barnabas; Álvaro Rodríguez (Carlos Isaac, m.33), Kaiky, Djetei, Jonathan Silva; Agus Medina, Olaetxea, Riki; Juanma (Rai Marchán, m.78), Manu Fuster (Alberto Quiles, m.58); and Higinio (Sam Sashoua, d.78).

Goals: 0-1, m.31: Bustinza, own goal. 1-1, m.66: Unzueta.

Referee: Oliver de la Fuente Ramos (Committee of Castilla y León). He showed a yellow card to the locals Seguín (m.22), Félix Garreta (m.48+), Etxeita (m.59), and to the visitors Álvaro Rodríguez (m.19), Carlos Isaac (m.53), Olaetxea ( m.70), Djetei (m.71), Jonathan Silva (m.73), Rai Marchán (m.81).

Source: Eitb

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