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The Chiefs win their second consecutive Super Bowl, the fourth in their history

The Chiefs win their second consecutive Super Bowl, the fourth in their history

The Chiefs win their second consecutive Super Bowl, the fourth in their history

The Kansas City Chiefs confirmed that they are the most dominant franchise today in the NFLthe American football league, by conquering this Sunday the fourth Super Bowl in its history, the third in four years, after winning by 22-25 to the San Francisco 49ers after an extension.

The LVIII Super Bowl played at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas once again crowned the team he leads Andy Reid and who leads Patrick Mahomeschosen one MVP and already with three rings at 28 years old, and for whom few would have bet after a Regular Season that was somewhat discreet, but he knew how to demonstrate his quality to right the course in time.

The Chiefs woke up in the postseason and ended up closing the year in the best way to become the first to repeat since the New England Patriots achieved it in 2004 and 2005. On the opposite side, the 49ers, who could not take revenge for the final four years ago and that they could not win their sixth trophy Vince Lombardia drought that has lasted since 1995.

It was a Super Bowl that, in the absence of spectacular plays, provided maximum excitement and 15 more minutes of gratuity for the spectators. In that extra time, the American Conference champions, who had forced overtime with three seconds remaining, found the touchdown of Hardman when overtime also came to an end to definitively seal their dynasty status in the NFL.

Any detail counted, like the extra point he missed Moody for those of Kyle Sanahan that would have forced his rival to score a touchdown to play an extra time in a duel marked by the defenses and where scoring required an arduous task. In fact, there were no points in the first quarter and it was difficult to see drives that were durable.

San Francisco initially managed to neutralize a Mahomes not at all comfortable and that he could not connect with his best players, especially a Travis Kelce excessively nervous and the cameras even captured him having a bad gesture with his coach. Despite the good start of McCaffreythe named best offensive player of the year, did not have much prominence either, while quarterback Brock Purdydespite not making excessive mistakes, did not find other offensive weapons like Deebo Samuel and George Kittle.

Thus, with errors predominating, the first quarter ended without points for both. At the beginning of the second, the 49ers opened the scoring with a field goal of Moody and after re-imposing the defenses, they signed the first touchdown in a good play from the manual Shanahan with pass Jennings to McCaffrey to put an optimal 10-0.

Kansas City still had time to make cuts (10-3) with another fields goal (Butker) before a break where Andy Reid He corrected the offensive framework of his team. Thus, although the beginning was not good, the figure of Mahomes began to enlarge, while Kelce It also gained prominence. After another field goal and good defensive work, Valdez-Scantling turned (10-13) the marker with a touchdown caused after an error by the 49ers in receiving a kick.

Without a change in the script, and with the attacks suffering, San Francisco regained control of the game with its second touchdownwork of Jenningsbut Moody He didn’t hit his kick to leave a 16-13 that wiped Butker. The 49ers took advantage of their last drive to put the 19-16 and leave almost two minutes for Mahomes. The stellar quarterback and Kelce They found the way and although those of Kyle Shanahan they avoided the touchdownnot the extension.

There, San Francisco won the toss and elected to attack first. The work of McCaffrey brought him closer to the end zonebut the prize was only three points (22-19). Mahomes He then took out his running back repertoire at the most appropriate moment and finished the Super Bowl with the pass for the touchdown of Hardman (22-25).

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