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Russian Hulk sets a new world record

Russian Hulk sets a new world record

Russian strongman Agadzhanyan was the first in the world to inflate two heating pads while holding a barbell

World record holder in extreme power Sergei Agadzhanyan, nicknamed Russian Hulk, has set a new achievement. RIA Novosti reports this.

The Russian held a barbell weighing 210 kilograms on his shoulders for almost a minute, while inflating two medical heating pads until they burst. No one in the world has managed to do this before.

According to Russia’s 2022 Strongest Man David Shamei, the idea for the record was developed by Agadzhanyan’s coach Mikhail Paller. “The load is truly comparable to ancient Greek mythology, when the mighty Titan held the vault of heaven on his shoulders. At the same time, due to the large weight, the athlete’s diaphragm was literally pressed in, not allowing the athlete to breathe normally, and he also had to inflate medical heating pads,” Shamei emphasized.

Last August, Russian strongman Ruslan Pustovoy set a world record by towing a train. The athlete dragged carriages with a total weight of 120 tons over a distance of 8 meters and 6 centimeters.

Source: Lenta

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