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The doctor recommended an exercise to relieve back pain

The doctor recommended an exercise to relieve back pain

Doctor Mamatov advised doing the stretching exercise to relieve back pain

Neurologist Alexey Mamatov spoke on his YouTube channel about an exercise that will help relieve back pain.

The specialist advised me to do an exercise called “stretching”. “The most important thing is that anyone can do this exercise,” Mamatov noted.

The exercise is performed standing. You need to start with light nods of your head forward as you inhale and back as you exhale. Then increase the tilt by adding shoulders, chest and back. Gradually increase the amplitude, continue moving your shoulders with your hands, and also bend your knees and squat slightly, leaning forward.

Mamatov emphasized that in case of severe discomfort, the amplitude should not be increased. According to him, the exercise helps improve the mobility of the spine.

Previously, the best ways to stretch your back after sedentary work were named. One of them is to sit on a chair, cross your right leg over your left, rest your left elbow on your right knee, turn around and stretch to the side.

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