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Howard drives Baskonia to victory against Valencia (84-98)

Howard drives Baskonia to victory against Valencia (84-98)

Howard drives Baskonia to victory against Valencia (84-98)

Euskaraz irakurri: Howardek garaipenera bulkzatu du Baskonia Valentziaren aurka (84-98)

Another brilliant performance by Markus Howard promoted this Friday a new triumph of the reborn Baskonia and punished with his fifth consecutive defeat in this Euroleague basketball to a Valencia Basket that he couldn’t find a way to stop him.

The meeting started already happy and intense. The locals dominated the initial exchange of baskets and came to have seven points aheadbut it was the connection between Nico Mannion and Tadas Sedekerskis the one that equalized things (21-20m.10).

The local defense gave confidence to Álex Mumbrú’s men, but Howard’s brilliant appearance with 12 points almost in a row, two triples and three three-shot foulsrescued Baskonia (52-44m.20).

Two new triples from Howard opened the second half and narrowed the score. Vanja Marinkovic and Miller-Mcintyre They tied the score twice, but Valencia withstood the pressure and did not give up control (70-67m.30).

Moneke’s consistency and two new triples from Howard put Baskonia ahead for the first time. The gap in the locals’ confidence grew and in just four minutes they saw how a 2-16 I sent him to the canvas (84-98).

Data sheet:

84.- Valencia Basket (21+31+18+14): Jones (13), López-Arostegui (9), Ojeleye (16), Reuvers (5), Touré (3) – starting five – Harper (12), Claver (4), Puerto (-), Inglis (8) , Robertson (1) and Davies (13).

98.- Baskonia (20+24+23+31): Miller-Mcintyre (11), Marinkovic (14), Sedekerskis (9), Díez (3), Kotsar (9) – starting five – Howard (24), Mannion (-), Raieste (-), Chiozza (-) , Diop (-), Costello (9) and Moneke (19).

Referees: Boltauzer (SLO), Difallah (FRA) and Cici (ALB). No eliminated.

Source: Eitb

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