Is there actually an intention to increase the number of teams until 2024 and eliminate the relegations that have already occurred in the Pro League tournaments? There is likely to be an intention to make regulatory changes, according to Esteban Paz, when the national championship comes to an end, with the closing date of the second stage and the round-robin finals remaining to define the monarch.

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The competition was generally mediocre – with the exception of Liga de Quito and Independiente del Valle finalists. The increase from six to eight foreigners for each club resulted in a parade of under-performing and low-status foreign legions. The increase in the number of participating teams, from twelve to sixteen, for several years now means that, despite the number, there are more teams that are not fighting to win the championship and more that are not creating any kind of attraction.

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Esteban Paz made it clear that in the Council of Presidents that will be held next Monday, Liga Quito will not support possible plans to increase to 18 or 20 clubs or to abolish the loss of the category of clubs that have their trips to Serie B ready. but to another league. The manager also spoke about losing money from his institution, Barcelona SC and Emelec “for supporting the common good”.

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Paz announced his position at the university in a radio interview Coverage, from the capital, this Wednesday. “There is no majority that would do that; You cannot break the competition or championship balance. We would break it there and we would all lose there. “If we decide to increase the teams in series A or B, where will the money come from (to distribute more money for TV rights)?” the host asked.

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In Paz’s version, the changes that are supposed to be voted on could not be finalized because “there is a padlock that prevents this by regulation.” He did not provide more details about the others.

What Paz implied is that with 16 teams, his institution and the two from Astiller are losing money because they have to share it with many teams that do not have the same level of popularity. That is, an increase to 18 or 20 teams would be economically harmful for the three clubs.

“Liga de Quito, Barcelona SC and Emelec are losing money, so we could really generate individually, to maintain the common good. We could ask for a better deal (for television rights), but for the greater good, we don’t. We too must be listened to and we cannot allow the regulations to be dirty or the competition to be dirty”, he commented on the alleged desire to increase the number of participants. (D)