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Russian chess player explained his help to Carlsen in the match against Nepomniachtchi

Russian grandmaster Daniil Dubov responded to criticism associated with his help to the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the match for the chess crown with Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi. His words are quoted by “”.

The chess player drew attention to the fact that he began to help the Norwegian before his opponent became known. At the same time, he emphasized that he could refuse to work as a second for Carlsen after Nepomniachtchi won in the candidates’ duel, but did not want to do this.

Dubov considered that it was a confrontation between two personalities, and not teams from different countries. “You are helping the person with whom you have a better relationship. Or, as in my case, which is much more useful to work with. Individual sport. It seems absurd to fan the big national history, ”he summed up.

In the fight for the chess crown, Carlsen outplayed Nepomniachtchi with a score of 7.5: 3.5. The Norwegian achieved an early victory in 11 games, the last of which took place on December 10. The defeat of the Russian grandmaster in the decisive match of the World Championship was the largest since 1993.

After the fight, Dubov was criticized for being the Norwegian’s second. In particular, the chess player Sergei Shipov considered that the chess player should not be involved in playing for the Russian national team.

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