Ecuadorian Marlon Chito Vera is a lion in the Octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but outside it she shows her human and humorous side.

In an extensive interview on the podcast Champion’s Corner, from Mexican Brandon Moreno, also a martial arts fighter, ChitoThe 30-year-old also in the bantamweight category revealed how it is prepared and the aphrodisiac properties of Ecuadorian onions.

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After speaking on several topics, including children’s education, he began a round of questions from netizens in a show that aired on YouTube.

And he answered the first concern Chito, born in Chone (Manabí), was: “What do you eat encebollado with: with chiflamas or bread?”; and smilingly answered: “With both.”

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Laughing, Moreno, a Tijuana native and flyweight fighter, told him, “Don’t be a piece of shit. Can you explain to me what that is?”

True to his canchero, man-next-door style, Vera commented: “Oncebollado is a soup, brother. My wife makes a finger licking one. When you are in California (the state where you live Chito) told me to tell the woman to make this dish for them to taste. It’s a delicious albacore soup.”

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Moreno, 29, quickly interrupts him and asks: “Wait. Don’t suck. So what is an albacore?”

Smile Chito and comments: “It’s a fish. You kill it and cook it in a simple way, with five or ten ingredients, and it’s like a hot soup.”

“It’s eaten with a piece (of Mexican bread), but you have to soak it in the soup. Is he rich. Or you add chifle or green (banana) that is cut like a 50-cent coin, fry it in boiling oil and it turns out crispy, monstrous, delicious”, argued Vera.

“When you eat soup, fish, cassava and French fries and you feel that it all melts in your mouth, your testosterone rises and you hit three chopsticks, without serving,” he concluded. (D)