Inter Miami’s busy schedule does not stop for a moment. The Florida natives face a 7-game streak in just 21 days, including this Wednesday’s title game, the second of the season and in the history of a team that has already won the League Cup.

After an enormous performance since Messi and company landed in the Miami franchise, the team has raised the level to become one of the best in American football and they want to show it in this new final. They will have a very solid Houston Dynamo in front of them and well supported in all lines.

For their part, Inter Miami managed the minutes and illnesses of their big figures, thinking about having them at 100% by the time the final is played. Almost certainly, and after a week of rest, Busquets would at least a priori be part of the starting game. However, due to certain discomfort, Jordi Alba and Leo Messi, who were not in the group that took to the field at the last training session, are more justifiably suspected.

Possible formation of Inter Miami

Almost every time Leo Messi plays, Tata Martino sets up a 4-3-3, probably the most common formation useful for Messi’s football. The team from Florida usually tries to dominate the middle with the help of strikers, while in the offensive aspect, the constant change of the trident causes the appearance of space that the Argentine almost always exploits for a goal or an assist.

So this is the starting eleven that Martino could use in the final of the US Open Cup: Callender; Yedlin, Miller, Avilés, Alba or Allen; Arroyo, Busquets, Cremaschi; Messi or Farías, Campana and Farías or Taylor. (D)