In a letter addressed to Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), and Roger Zambrano Alcívar, head of the national refereeing commission, the Pro League requested the release of audio recordings of the video refereeing (VAR) personnel. ) System. ) which provides support to central referees in championship matches.

“On behalf of our clubs, we are writing to you on this occasion to raise an issue that we consider of great importance for fair play, transparency and trust in the use of VAR. “We are particularly interested in the clarity and availability of audio recordings related to decisions made via VAR during Liga Pro Serie A matches,” the statement said.

LigaPro will meet with the company to analyze the proposal of a centralized VAR for the national championship

We know that VAR was implemented for the purpose of fairer and more accurate decision-making in key situations within matches. In this sense, given that transparency in the review process and the availability of audio recordings related to the conversations between the referees and the VAR center can significantly contribute to the confidence of the team, players and fans in the decisions made, keep it up.

And he emphasizes: “Therefore, we respectfully ask you to consider sharing in a transparent and timely manner, as soon as possible, after the end of the match, the audio recordings of the conversation between the referee, the VAR team and any other party involved in the VAR review process. “

“For these purposes, for example, the aforementioned audio recordings could be submitted to Liga Pro, also as soon as possible, after the match in question ends, from where they would be shared publicly via the official pages of our competition,” he adds.

“We suggest that this quick delivery be with explanatory content related to the game that was of greatest interest in the respective match, as Conmebol did recently,” he concludes. (D)