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Porn actress promised chess player Nepomniachtchi a night for victory over Carlsen

The Russian pornographic actress, acting under the pseudonym MihaNika69, turned on her Instagram to the Russian grandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi.

A native of Moscow said that she loves chess very much and promised her compatriot to become its queen overnight in the event of a victory over Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the match for the world title. The porn actress did not specify what she meant by the proposal: success in a single game or the conquest of the world chess crown.

Nepomniachtchi and Carlsen played eight games. Six meetings ended in a draw, two were won by the Norwegian, who leads with a score of 5: 3. The game consists of 14 games, but it can end early if someone reaches the mark of 7.5 points scored. For a victory, 1 point is given, for a draw – 0.5 points.

Nepomniachtchi plays for the world title for the first time in his career. Carlsen is the current holder of the world chess crown.

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