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The Polish national team is even worse than Qatar. Brutal statistics

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The Polish national team started the World Cup slightly below expectations. Although the Biało-Czerwoni drew with Mexico goalless, their game aroused concern and indignation among the fans. “No prettier and well-thought-out action, no obvious scheme to play it, and no own initiative in the players, after all, extraordinary. Classic hacking and kicking” – .

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Suffice it to say that our team had only two shots on target. Robert Lewandowski had a great opportunity to score in the 58th minute of the game, but his shot from the penalty spot was confidently saved by Guillermo Ochoa. The bad game of Czesław Michniewicz’s players can also be proved by one of the statistics, in which Poland loses even to Qatar.

Poland worse than Qatar. Scary statistics

In the first half, the Biało-Czerwoni shot only once towards Mexico’s goal, and in addition missed. . For comparison, the rival’s xG was 0.35 in the first half. After the first part of the match, only players from Costa Rica had worse statistics.

After the second game, these indications slightly improved in favor of Poland. As reported by Tomasz Ćwiąkała from Canal+ Sport, excluding the penalty kick, Biało-Czerwoni scored 0.1 xG. Saudi Arabia has the same result with the difference, . According to the statistics, the Asian team could count on 1/10 goals, and in the end they scored as many as two in eight minutes. This is the biggest sensation at this year’s world championships so far.

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What’s more brutal, even the Qatar team was better than our team. And yet the hosts lost as much as 0:2 to Ecuador in the opening match. However, they fired five shots towards the rivals’ goal. In the end, their xG was 0.3, meaning they deserved 3/10 of the goal.

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Not only in this statistics, Poland loses to Qatar. The World Cup brought us a novelty, which is the indicator of how much time the ball is stray. In the match against Mexico, it was as much as 19 percent. In the case of Qatar, only 8.

But let’s go back to the xG indicator. These statistics, although brutal, best reflect Michniewicz’s philosophy. The selector focuses on defensive play, which is criticized by many experts. A different style was presented by Paulo Sousa. The Portuguese focused on the offensive and bold actions from the front, which also had an impact on the statistics. Michał Borkowski told a bit more about these.

Viaplay journalist presented data from Euro 2020. And although Poland did not manage to get out of the group (lost to Sweden 2:3 and Slovakia 1:2 and drew 1:1 with Spain), the xG index was at a much higher level, e.g. In the match against the Scandinavian team, it was as much as 1.91.

We will find out which strategy turns out to be better on November 30. Then the Biało-Czerwoni will play the last match of the group stage with Argentina. Earlier, on November 26, Michniewicz’s team will face Saudi Arabia. These two matches will decide whether we will be or not be at the World Cup.

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