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Liverpool looks for extra time, overcomes Wolverhampton and assumes the provisional leadership of the English

O Liverpool dueled with Wolverhampton this Saturday, away from home, and managed to seek victory to take the lead of the English Championship.

Faced with 1-0 on the scoreboard, the team led by Klopp climbs to the top of the table with 34 points. The owners of the house are in the eighth position, with 21 added.

In the next round, Wolves will face City away from home. The departure is scheduled for 9:30 am (GMT) on Saturday. Liverpool, in turn, host Aston Villa on the same day, at 12:00.

The game – Wolverhampton did not give space for Liverpool to play in the first half. With strong marking and almost no chance created, the two teams went down to the locker rooms zeroed on the scoreboard.

In the final minutes, Alexander-Arnold crossed to Diogo Jota, who headed close to the right post. At 38, with the path clear and after Handerson’s low pass, Salah had the goal wide open, but Saiss appeared at the exact time and prevented the attacker from opening the scoring.

In the second stage, the scenario changed a little. With more speed, Salah received from Arnold and hit first. Thiago completed in the small area and got the rebound afterwards and tried again, but goalkeeper José Sá was the savior of the move.

At 14, in a bizarre way, the Wolves goalkeeper messed with his teammate outside the area and Liverpool had a golden chance, but unbelievably did not take advantage. The ball fell to Diogo Jota and headed for the goal, which was being defended by two defenders. He dropped a bomb, but Coady saved him on top of the line.

Finally, in the last minute of injury time, Salah dominated, entered the area and crossed to Origi, who dominated with the right foot and scored the only one of the match.

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