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Piqué reveals he didn’t charge a salary for a year and a half at Barcelona while he wasn’t playing

Piqué reveals he didn’t charge a salary for a year and a half at Barcelona while he wasn’t playing

The former defender and idol of the BarcelonaGerard Piqué, grant an interview to Radio Cadena SER, from Spain, and spoke about his last years with the Catalan club and his retirement. The 36-year-old former player, who hung up his boots in November 2022, revealed that he spent a year and a half without receiving a salary, but also without charging.

Questioned about any debt that Barça may have with him, Piqué said that there is nothing to be resolved and highlighted that this period of more than a year went without charging a salary, as he was not playing.

“On the day I left we decided it was best to fix everything and the club doesn’t owe me anything. […] In the last year and a half, I had signed and it was a very important amount, but in the end, as I didn’t play either and it was my decision to leave, there was no point in asking for anything. I didn’t forgive the club’s money, it was just that, until the day I played, I got what I deserved and left,” he said.

Gerard Piqué also spoke about Barcelona’s economic situation, which concerns the former defender, but is not irreversible, according to the Spaniard.

“It is known that we are in good hands, in the sense that it is a president (Joan Laporta) and a leadership that have already gone through this in the past and knew how to get out. In 2003, when they arrived, there was a similar situation, perhaps not as difficult , but similar. They are brave and know what they are doing”, he highlighted.

Still on the political subject of the club, Piqué commented on the possibility of becoming president of Barcelona. Upon retiring, the defender highlighted that he would like to make this dream come true, but that was not the focus at the moment. After a few months, Piqué continues with the same mentality.

“Right now, I see it a long way off. I’m not saying no, but I see it a long way off. We have a lot to do here and if I go to the next elections in three years, I would drop halfway there”, he revealed.

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