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Pichincha wins the National Children’s Karate Championship title; Guayas was second and Japan club, from Quito, third | Other Sports | sports

Competition had the participation of teams and clubs from seven provinces that disputed the title in the categories 8, 9 and 10-11 years of kumite.

With eleven gold, nine silver and eleven bronze medals, the Pichincha karate team obtained the title of National Children’s Championship, made in the complex of the Guayas Sports Federation, located in Pascuales; while the host team finished in second place, with seven gold, three silver and eight tanned metals; for his part, the Japan Club, from Quito, finished third with five gold, two silver and four bronze.

In the fourth locker culminated Napo, with 3-6-2; then they appear Manabi, 3-4-3; Santa Elena, 2-5-2; Club Ika Ecuador, from Quito, 2-1-4; Cotopaxi, 2-1-4; Cañar, 1-1-2; The rivers, 1-1-2; Club Fortaleza (Quito), 1- 0-0; Chimborazo, 0-2-2; Store, 0-1-2; Club Yamabuji (Manabi), 0-1-1; Earth Club (Azuay), 0- 0-7; Tigers Club (Cotopaxi), 0-0-4; Bravo’s Shotokan Karate Do. (Guayas), 0-0-3; Club Taikyoku Shodan (Guayas), 0-0-1; Club The House Figth (Pichincha), 0-0-1; Club Shito Ryu (Guayas), 0-0-1.

Results in kumite

In the final of the kumite, category of 6 years, division of 20 kilograms, Isaac Vega, from Pichincha, defeated his countryman Francisco Ortega; while in the title dispute in the 22 kilos, Daniel Ross, from Guayas, surpassed Nicolás Montesdeoca, from Pichincha. The division of more than 22 kilograms was dominated by Samuel Balda, from Santa Elena, who defeated in the last match Bryan Uzhca, from Cañar.

In the ladies, category of 6 years, division of 19 kilos, Danna Arcos, from Pichincha, defeated Keyla Veintimilla, by Napo; in the 21 kilos, Adriana Pulla, from the Ika Ecuador Club, beat his teammate Aleska Arroyo placeholder image. In the division over 21 kilos, Secchid Pakin, from Guayas, defeated Karla Zamora, from Manabí.

Other endings

The 7-year-old male category, 22 kg division, left Joaquín Moreno, from Pichincha, as the best to prevail in the final to Pablo Sinchi, from Pichincha; while in the 23 kilos, the victory went to Johan Reyes, from Santa Elena, by beating Martín Pante, from Chimborazo; in the category over 23 kilos, Napo made it 1-2, with Alejandro Chiriguaya, who defeated Marco Veintimilla.

In ladies, 7 years old, of 20 kilos, Shirley Meza, from Cañar, was imposed in the final to Alenis Alay, from Manabí; at 23 kilos, the triumph for Pierina Panchana, from Guayas, in view of Victoria Ramos, from Santa Elena; while in the more than 23 kilos, Amelia Pintado, from the Japan Club, reached the crown by defeating Doménica Andrango, from Pichincha.

In the 8-9 years, boys, division of the 24 kilos, Robert Mera, from Manabí, defeated in the dispute for the crown Fernando Chora, from Los Ríos; in the 28 kg, Érick Ordóñez, from Pichincha, won Lenín Bermúdez, from Guayas; while in the 32 kilos, Anderson Calapiña, from Cotopaxi, was the winner of the final against Jacob Fernández, from Pichincha; Emiliano Bayas, from Pichincha, a Luis Geraldo, from Santa Elena, in the 36 kilos; Dylan Guerrero, from Guayas, a Francisco Freire, from Chimborazo, in the 40 kilos; and Bryan Romero, from the Japan Club, a Joaquín Cevallos, from Pichincha.

For its part, the ladies competition had Napo’s dominance in the 24 kilos, by making the 1-2 with Cataleya Urbina, who beat his teammate Amy Morales; in the 28 kilos, Mate Perea, from Ika Ecuador, surpassed Scarleth Chicaiza, from Cotopaxi; while in the 32 kilos the winner was Danna Caiza, from Pichincha; Sara caicedo, from Guayas, in more than 32 kilos.

The 10-11 year olds, 30 kg division, had as the best a Habel Portilla, from the Japan Club; the 35 kilos, to Cristopher Alvarez, from Pichincha; in 40 kg, Jean Carlos Molina, Club Fortaleza; in 45 kg, Freddy ramirez, from the rivers; more than 45 kilos, Eloy Bellyby Guayas.

In ladies, 30 kilos, Danna Mera, Manabi; in 35 kilos, Amelia Paez, from Pichincha; in 40 kilos, Valeska Mendoza, Manabi; Lesly Nunezby Pichincha. (D)

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