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The controversial action of Kotwica Ko³obrzeg. The club’s shocking response to criticism

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Kotwica Ko³obrzeg conducted a survey among Facebook users whether it should award accreditation to one of the journalists. As the club put it, the journalist works for a “portal that doesn’t like us”. The action met with criticism and a lot of negative comments. Anchor decided to answer these voices. Her reaction may shock you.

Anchor finds it having fun

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The entry with the survey was considered outrageous. The vast majority did not like it. Nevertheless, Kotwica did not mind this wave of criticism and treats the whole action as “fun”.

“We are very happy that our game about democratic voting on journalistic accreditation has gained so much publicity. Some also appreciated that we set new trends and try to break through on our patent” – we read in Kotwica’s Facebook entry. The club adds that the journalist in question treated the matter with distance, and the most indignant are those who are not directly affected by the matter.

The team from Kołobrzeg treats the whole matter as an opportunity to promote the club. “According to the principle, no matter how – it is important to speak and write the entire section of KOTWICA KOŁOBRZEG – the goal of this action has been fully achieved. We have entered the central league with great force, we are breaking sports records and we are constantly building our brand in Poland” – admit Kołobrzeg.

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An anchor as good as it paints?

The club announced that it would soon prove that its controversial activity in social media brings tangible results. It intends to publish an appropriate report prepared by a company specializing in sports sponsorship monitoring. “The interactivity on our FB is very high, so forgive me, but we will not look at others” – we read on.

It is possible that Kotwica will cross the line of scandal and controversy again. She believes that no social media work ethic applies to her.

“After all, there is no savoir vivre or rules for running club social media and the only proper method of communicating with your fans. We do not want apathy and we chose this way, having our policy, and if some of you do not like it – then we do not. we are angry “- they explain.

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