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The Pole went to Tiger Woods. What a moment

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It is for the rich, rather difficult to access, and at the same time boring. Golfers have come across such terms for years, especially in Poland. Except that sitting in an armchair and reading about this sport or watching on TV, when someone tries to make a small hole in the hole, it is rather difficult to get to know a golfer well and understand or be delighted with it. It is hard to feel that the golf ball is the fastest flying ball in the sport, with a speed record of almost 340 km / h. It is hard to imagine that someone would ever be able to send it almost half a kilometer, because almost that was the longest drive in history. It can be assumed with interest that during golf, man also discovered several laws of physics, namely aerodynamics. worn than the perfectly smooth ones, because the scratched ones flew on. Then the balls were drawn and cut specially, because the dimples in the balls created a kind of turbulence during the flight and carried the balls further. This is why now, in mass production, dimple (or dimples) is made on them. For centuries, golf has been such an important sport for people that it was included in the program of the second modern Olympic Games, and it returned to the Olympic arenas in 2016. Although golf is still in its infancy due to a definitely smaller number of golfers and golf courses, a lot is being done to change it.

Golf for the rich? It costs as much as billiards or bowling

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Sport.pl visited the last PGA Poland tournament of the season. This association promotes golf and has the best golf coaches in its ranks. Not only professionals competed at the Lisia Polana Golf Course. Before their competition, the ProAm PGA Polska Championship tournament was organized. It is a series in which amateurs meet professionals and play mixed-up in groups of four (one professional and three amateurs).

– This is an excellent formula to watch a professional up close and listen to his instructions, learn something new – explains Maksymilian Sa³uda – secretary general of PGA Poland. – These meetings take the form of games and conversations. This is a long-winded golf course, because the four hours usually spent on greens are an opportunity to learn and learn from mentors of this discipline.

– People most often ask me what life at golf tournaments is like, they ask about my routine, how I deal with stress, how I play various shots – tells us the best Polish golfer Adrian Meronk.

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Less and more experienced golfers, whom we meet in Lisia Polana, came here to learn and have a good time.

– It is competition, but also recreation, together with family or loved ones. Some people go for walks in the forest at the weekend, I prefer the golf course. Here, too, you can come across solidly and have fun at the same time, says Tomasz. He adds that it is also a form of escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a way to de-stress. The suggestion that a golf course usually takes a while to get to, she acknowledges with a smile. – Usually also for a walk in the forest.

What seems to be a problem for some golfers, for those who decide to do it, often turns into an advantage.

– For golf, just like for football, we don’t have to be a few or a dozen people. We can train alone on the field. It can be different with commuting to objects. Indeed, there are fields an hour away from big cities, and there are also fields close to metropolises. In Wroc³aw, it is possible to reach one of the halves in 20 minutes from almost any place – says Oskar Zaborowski, a player of the Wroc³aw Golf Club, who took third place in the professionals’ tournament held in Lisia Polana from Saturday to Monday. When we ask him about the costs of golfing enjoyment, he points out that it is good to divide it into professionals who have to travel around the world after various tournaments and those who treat golf as an entertainment and hobby. He assures that in the latter case it is difficult to talk about reaching deep into the pocket.

“When it comes to the cost of golf for an amateur, it’s not expensive. There is a patch of expensive entertainment adjacent to the golf course, while the basket of balls (borrowed) costs 15 zlotys. These two baskets are enough for almost an hour of fun. The stick can be borrowed for even less money. The total cost of playing at a golf shooting range is therefore comparable to a game of billiards or a game of bowling – points out Zaborowski.

In football or basketball it would not have worked

Golf has one more advantage, which can be seen after several minutes of participation not only at the tournament of amateurs and professionals, but clearly there. The groups that competed with each other included both 11-year-olds, seniors and even older seniors. Both gentlemen and ladies took part in the same rivalry.

[Materia³ promocyjny] Summary of the final of the Land Rover PGA Poland golf tournament

– This is a multigenerational sport, because grandfather and grandson or mother and son can play here easily and everyone will have fun. In other sports, for example in basketball or football, this age difference or the gender difference does its job. In addition, in golf with the handicap system, where the appropriate number of strokes is subtracted from a given player when players of different skill levels compete, the chances of winning are thus evened out – emphasizes Sa³uda. Golf is a family sport, but also a sport that people from outside the golf world come to more and more often. – Those who play so naturally instill a love of golf in their children or grandchildren, but there are also many new people. I think that it is now being halved – tells us Sa³uda, who sees the youngest on the golf course more and more often. Since this year, the Land Rover Junior Golf Academy, a golf school for the youngest, has also been helping with this.

Land Rover Golf Academy photo by Andrzej Majos

– This year’s academy was the first one. We did it in four locations in Poland: Szczecin, Gdañsk, Wroc³aw and Warsaw. It was summer school. We have the assurance that we will cooperate with the academy next year and we will extend it to more cities. We are aware that juniors are the future of this discipline, so we try to infect them with golf as soon as possible – tells us Sa³uda, who also ran the finals of the golf academy for children from seven to fifteen years old in Lisia Polana. The most popular golf game was the academy partner’s attempt to drive the ball into the open trunk of the car. The instructor used a special Land Rover zone, where you could get to know the models of the British manufacturer, check the cars or take a test drive. Rather, the children tested car racks. It turned out that although it was not an easy art, the ball fell into the open trunk. It was a sponge ball.

Over the weekend, Sa³uda was a very busy person, because he himself, as a player, also took part in the final PGA Polska Championship in the professional category. He won. The second was Mateusz Jêdrzejczyk, and the third was Oskar Zaborowski. In the ProAm category (professionals and amateurs), Kuba Piotrowski’s team, Jaros³aw Jaroszek, Artur Dziugie³ and Rafa³ Ges, turned out to be the best.

Winners of the PGA Polska ChampionshipWinners of the PGA Polska Championship PGA

Once friends, now Meronk attracts

Let us add that also this year, one of the amateurs of the 15-year-old Lithuanian Giedrius Mackelis, who, looking at the ranking without any division into amateur and professional categories, achieved the same result as Sa³uda. Last year, the Lithuanian went head to head, or hole to hole with the best Polish golfer, Adrian Meronek. Meronk, currently listed in the first 60th ranking, complimented the young competitor and provided his advice.

Meronk, who not so long ago became the first Pole in the Grand Slam tournament, the US Open, thanks to his success also became a great advertisement for his beloved discipline. This was evident from the interest in the PGA Polska Championship competition. A year ago, when Meronk took part in the competition at Lysia Polana, over 100 people registered for the tournament, this year the event had 72 participants without Meronk.

– I feel that my person drives golf in Poland. I know that more and more people follow my results, that they support me and congratulations. I feel it when I’m in Polish clubs. I realize that now my role is to promote golf in Poland and I am trying to do it – Meronk tells us by phone.

This commencing Meronkomania is also confirmed by the friends of the best Polish player, for example those training in Wroc³aw in the same club, Zaborowski.

– I have the impression that thanks to Adrian, more and more people decide to golf, and those who have not had contact with this game. In the previous years, most often it was so that friends of golfers persuaded someone for a trip to the golf course – Zaborowski tells us. Now, when we talk about the success of a Pole in a discipline less popular so far, and people are more willing to open up to new entertainment and activities, there is more to ask about a small white ball with dimples.

– My friends ask about this golf themselves more and more often. They say that they would also cross and try to play, admits Zaborowski, who has started golfing professionally after two years of study.

– Come, preferably with a child, try it and see if you like it – confirms Meronk. He himself, despite several years in the fields, still has something to discover and makes his dreams come true. During the holidays in the oldest Grand Slam, The Open had the opportunity to train with the legend of this sport, Tiger Woods.

– I asked him for tips about the field, how he copes with the wind, I asked how he feels. However, the most important thing was the game with Tiger itself. It was a childhood dream come true, but also a big injection of self-confidence. A confirmation that I can play with anyone, and at the same time a huge motivation for further work. The idea that I have come so far and I am playing with a living legend of this discipline, so there are no limits – tells us a Pole who climbs to the golf summit.

A pinnacle in sport that has several dimensions. It seems complicated, but it’s also simple. Simple as much as needed. A novice, playing golf, will not be interested in everything that Meronk does: how is the grass arranged, what is its species, where is the dew on it? It won’t be anything like Bryson DeChambeau checked the air pressure and recalculated the desired angles of hitting the ball in his head. A novice will be pleased when he hits the ball on the shooting range or on the course, and when it does, he will start to appreciate all those who charm with the golf club. They send the ball several hundred meters, curl their shots, make the ball retreat after a fall, put on a wavy green, and the ball, as programmed, flies for several meters and reaches exactly where they want. In beautiful natural circumstances, far from the city noise, the sound of a ball falling into the hole is a very pleasant sound for both the professional and the novice.

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