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A dramatic fight for life. The 19-year-old suddenly fell to the dance floor

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The volleyball season in Belgium does not start until October 15th, until then sparring matches are played there. It was during one of them that a tragedy almost happened, as reported by VC Greenyard Maaseik.

Close to tragedy

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The unfortunate event occurred in a friendly match between VC Greenyard Maaseik and Lindemans Aalst. The match itself would not have aroused much interest, if not for the unpleasant incident that took place during it. The first set went well, both teams were polishing their form before the upcoming games. However, at the beginning of the second set, one of the visiting players suddenly fell to the floor and passed out.

It was 19-year-old Martin Perin, who was immediately taken care of by the referee, who also works as a firefighter on a daily basis. When the referee noticed that there was a cardiac arrest, he immediately attempted to resuscitate the volleyball player, as it turned out later, so successfully that after the arrival of the ambulance and the player’s drive to the hospital, the doctors managed to stabilize the athlete’s condition.

Club announcement

After the whole incident and the news about Perin’s stable condition, the club posted a statement on its Instagram describing the whole incident. After the game, Perin’s mother and team representatives expressed their gratitude to the volunteers present during the match, as well as to the emergency physician for “acting quickly and efficiently”. “We wish Martin a quick recovery,” they add.

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“I am in good hands. I feel better! I hope to come back to you soon, my friends. I love you people,” wrote the 19-year-old.

Now, before the young athlete, there are detailed studies to find out why the cardiac arrest occurred and to check whether similar incidents will not happen in the future. It is currently unknown how long his interruption in the game will last.

Source: Sport

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