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Marcelo Bielsa charges almost R$16 million from Olympique de Marseille in labor rights

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Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa filed a lawsuit against Olympique de Marseille to collect 3 million euros (R$ 15.8 million) referring to his rights when he resigned in August 2015, after a year at the helm of the team.

Benjamin Cabagno and Arnaud Ibáñez, Bielsa’s lawyers, denounced an “unfair strategy” in the management of their employment contract. According to the coach’s representatives, the reason would be the failure to comply with the agreement he had with the club’s president, Vincent Labrune, of a 25% salary increase between the first and the second season.

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The club, represented by the general director Philippe Pérez and the lawyer of the majority shareholder at the time, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, would have put aside, at the last moment, the increase in its net monthly remuneration of 185 thousand euros (R$ 975 thousand), the that led to the departure of the Argentine.

Bielsa himself explained that his decision was a disagreement between him and the club’s management regarding his contract.

“Olympique manipulated the system a little”, summarized the coach’s defense after asking for compensation in salary with a 25% increase over the 2015-16 season’s remuneration, totaling 2.7 million euros (R$ 14.2 million). ).

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This amount includes a moral damage of 20 thousand euros, a violation of the right to image and notoriety of 180 thousand euros (R$ 105.4 thousand), not counting the result of the labor lawsuit.

The club’s representatives asked the court to dismiss all the coach’s demands, given that the process, which began in 2019, has long been considered time-barred by the club’s lawyer, Christel Schwing.

The Argentine left the team after a good first season, in which he led the Marseille team to fourth place in the French Championship, in addition to winning over his demanding fans. The sudden departure took place shortly after the first match of the 2015-16 season, on August 8, 2015.

The decision of the Marseille labor court is due to come out on January 27, 2023.

Source: Gazetaesportiva

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