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This is the table of the “Polish” group after winning with Thailand. Bravo, bravo

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The Polish team, after the inaugural victory 3: 1 with Croatia, defeated the national team of Thailand without losing a set. Stefano Lavarini’s players had a great match and scored another set of points. The strongest link in the team was attacking Magdalena Stysiak, who scored a total of 26 points, including 8 with a block.

A show of Turkish women power after a sensational defeat, the Dominican Republic with another victory

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Before the Polish women appeared on the court in Ergo Arena, two other matches in group B were played. At the beginning, Turkish women, whose rivals were Korean women, fought for the first victory at this championship. Giovanni Guidetti’s players immediately imposed a strong pace and quickly gained an advantage. This, despite the ambitious fight of the Asian women in the middle of the set, allowed them to win the game 25:14. The next edition is from the very beginning a show of the Turkish representatives, who smashed their rivals 25:13. The third set ended with the same result, in which the favorites of the “Polish” group recorded a sensational series of 11 shares won in a row. Guidetti’s team leaders were Saliha Sahin and Ebrar Karakurt, who scored 17 and 16 points respectively.

In the second match, the leaders of the table from the Dominican Republic faced the Croatians. Dominican Republic quickly took the lead, which it held until the end of the set. Although the volleyball players from Europe on the threshold of the decisive phase were one step away from equalizing, the leaders ran away with the result and won 25:20. The second edition had a very similar course. The Croatians tried to fight, but a series of eight ball wins in a row gave the Dominican Republic a 25:15 victory. The third set was also dictated by the group’s leaders. A certain game allowed the leaders to win 25:21 and enjoy their second victory. The main creators of the team’s success were Isabel Pena and Brayelin Martinez, who scored 15 points each.

A certain victory for Polish women and kept the second place in the table. White and red practically some promotion

Tuesday’s win with Thailand clearly brought the Polish women closer to the promotion to the next phase. Lavarini’s players added three points to their achievements and they are placed second in group B with 6 points. The next positions are taken by the representations of Thailand (2 points), Croatia (0 points) and South Korea (0 points). The top four teams will enter the next phase of the tournament.

  1. Dominican Republic – 6 points, 2 wins, the balance of sets 6: 0
  2. Poland – 6 points – 2 wins, the balance of sets 6: 1
  3. Turkey – 4 points, 1 victory, balance of sets 5: 3
  4. Thailand – 2 points, 1 win, 3: 5 sets balance
  5. Croatia – 0 points, 0 wins, balance of sets 1: 6
  6. South Korea – 0 points, 0 wins, 0: 6 sets balance
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